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The mph club experience is all about luxury and convenience. What better way to provide this value to our clients than to offer the best means of transportation by land, air, and sea. Private aviation has always been in our DNA and we are proud to offer mph club jet charters rental. 

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Large airports are often the worst chapter of your otherwise perfect vacation. Skip the lines, skip the crowds, don’t worry about surprise baggage fee’s. Flying private is an easy and luxurious experience that takes away all the headaches you find navigating a public airport. Our headquarters is conveniently located on property at Fontainebleau Aviation at the Opa Locka Executive Airport. However, we offer private jet charters all around the globe. Simply fill out the form below with your flight details and we will respond shortly with options and pricing. 

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Traveling by plane is one of the most unforgettable experiences one can have especially for first-timers. Nothing beats a view of a sea of clouds on a bright day. This view is something that one can see on a normal day. A thousand miles above land, you will notice how small everything is. From above, you cannot even see the buildings or houses that used to be so big. The aerial perspective gets you to think deeper about life and how you should not take problems too seriously and learn to enjoy life as it comes.

These are the thoughts you have riding in a regular airplane, so imagine the powerful thoughts you can have if you fly in a private jet through mph club’s Jet Charters rental.


Are you ready to indulge in all the luxuries, elegance, and comfort offered by mph club jet charters rental Miami? We assure you a flight of a lifetime and a trip that you would always want to keep doing whenever you travel. Your travel story will not begin the moment you step out of the plane and reach your destination. With jet charters rental, your long-awaited vacation begins the moment you step in our aircraft.

We can also provide you formal flights for more professional situations. Nonetheless, we still assure you of an unforgettable experience because of the unprecedented service we provide. We will take business trips to a different level.


Jet Chartering is the business of renting an aircraft for private use. Compared with a regular plane ride where you’ll have co-passengers who you do not know, private jet charters rental offer a seat only for you and the people you have chosen to join you on the flight.

This mode of transportation has always been present, but mph club brings it to the public for anyone willing to try it to enjoy. Experience privacy, luxury, and endless advantages by flying in your private aircraft. Rent our jet, and we’ll take you anywhere around the world.



Prime among the benefits brought by choosing mph club jet charters rental is your safety. Our jets are inspected regularly to ensure that every flight is safe. We have trained pilots who are well-versed in the world of jet charter. Not only will they fly you safely to your destination, but you are ensured of the confidentiality of your trip. What happens during the trip on the plane will stay on the plane.


You may have decided to use jet charters because of an important meeting or event you need to attend. You can count on our service to take you to your destination if not on time, surely, earlier than the expected arrival time.

You can skip the hassle of booking a flight, seating for hours in the airport waiting for your plane, and receiving notifications of a delayed flight and longer hours of waiting.

With jet chartering rental, you can create your schedule. Just notify us of the time and date and we’ll arrange your flight right away.


The sky is the limit in terms of the destinations our private jets rental can go to. Do you want to explore the luscious nature in Costa Rica? Is your next destination deep under the ocean in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia? Is Machu Picchu and archaeology the subjects that interest you most? Have an important business meeting in Dubai? Name the destination. We’ll fly you there.


Tour the world without any worry or stress because of transferring from one plane to another or waiting for a few hours in a stopover. In our private jet rental, the flights are smooth and we assure you of stress-free travels.

Skip the hassle of consuming cold and packed food from regular planes. You will be provided with food and refreshments parallel to five-star restaurants. Even the business class section of the best airlines cannot match what we offer.


Nothing is more tiring than carrying your luggage, depositing it, getting it again, and moving from one place to another. Your vacation-ready outfit is not a match to the hassle you’ll get from all the baggage routine you have to go through. You can skip this and stay in style and keep your poise if you choose a chartered jet to rent.

If you are flying with your family and friends, you can share this same comfortable and fashionable way to travel with them.

You’ll be astonished to see the plane from the outside and be captivated by its insides.

The interior of our aircraft spell solace. All materials used in the seats, windows, floor, and everything inside the plane are state-of-the-art. You do not need to wait to reach the destination where you’ll relax as you’ll have it on this flight.

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