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Just like any other capital city, Tallahassee is the popular place to live in as well as to travel to. Located in the Northwest of the State, Tallahassee has the most pleasant climate in the state thanks to not being too hot in summer and still very warm in winter. This is a beautiful city with great history and an impressive amount of historical attractions. However, not just the history makes this city special. It is home to the biggest university of Florida, and the hometown of the famous football team of the Florida State University.

We offer a big variety of different services for you to experience during your travels to Tallahassee. Our mission is to satisfy any type of clients, whether you are living in the city and you want a ride on a Lamborghini to feel the roar of the powerful engine, or if you are accommodating guests who are visiting you for holidays and you need a spacious vehicle like Cadillac. Make sure you make your reservation before head by contacting mph club.

If you are a fan of the team and you would like to travel to Tallahassee in the luxury of a private jet, mph club is your number one provider of all the exotic transportation services you can only think of. We will take care of taking you to any destination you may want to go to. Starting from picking you up from the airport in a luxury chauffeured car, up to a helicopter ride around Tallahassee. mph club is your best solution to all kinds of luxurious transportations and exotic car rental Tallahassee. Feel the different, better experience of driving an exotic car. mph club’s main goal is to provide you with the number one premier car rental available on the market today.
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