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Ferrari 458 Italia Rental Miami

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100 miles per day included,

$5 per additional mile,

Security deposit required.

1 Rental Day = 24 hours




(4.5L, V8)


Few Ferraris have proven their worth more than the 458 Italia. One of the most popular Ferrari models ever created, the 458, has all the characteristics that have made Ferrari the pinnacle of luxury performance cars. This Ferrari 458 Italia rental Miami is now available to cruise through the sunny streets of Miami.

As with all Ferraris, the engine found in the 458 is a work of engineering perfection. Behind the cockpit sits a 4.5L naturally-aspirated V8 generating 562 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque. With a redline of 9,000 RPM, the engine can sing its symphony through the gears. The engine is tuned to have 80% of its torque available below 3,250 RPM, allowing for almost instantaneous push whenever changing gears. A smooth seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission handles gear shifts. When you want more control, a pair of paddle shifters await your commands.

Working together, power is sent to the rear wheels, enabling the 458 to hit 60 mph in less than 3.4 seconds and a top speed of over 202 miles. Equipped with Carbon Ceramic brakes with a prefill function, the 458 can stop almost as quickly as it can start.

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202 mph

13 city / 17 hwy

7 speed auto

2 seater


First unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, the 458 showed a completely redesigned platform and brand new design. Its name is derived from its showcase 4.5L 8-cylinder engine, which made it “the highest-revving street-legal production V8”.

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This Ferrari 458 rental Miami also excels in its handling prowess. With traction control and electronic differential developed from the company’s F1 cars, the 458 can have precise power sent to each wheel for enhanced handling. Pair it with advanced adaptive magnetorheological dampers, and the 458 sees a 34% increase in its handling compared to its predecessor.


Stepping inside this Ferrari 458 Italia rental Miami, you are greeted with a timeless interior. Minimalistic but purposeful and well throughout, every stretch of leather and piece of aluminum has been carefully planned out. The leather seats feature large bolsters, letting you know that this car can pull serious g’s through corners. 

Keeping with the ethos of the Ferrari brand, everything essential to the driving experience is placed within sight and reach of the driver. The center stack features controls and vents but no infotainment screens. Instead, the screens flank the tachometer taking up a large portion of the gauge cluster. The two screens divide the work of displaying vehicle information, navigation, and music. 

Furthermore, one might quickly notice no stalks behind the wheel. The 458 was the first Ferrari to completely do away with stalks and move each function onto the wheel itself, allowing you to keep your hands on it. For example, the turn signals are now buttons found at the wheel’s nine and three o’clock position, making them easy to hit with your thumbs. With a lot of input for Formula One legend Michael Schumacher, it’s no wonder that this steering feels like it came straight from a race car.


The exterior design of the 458 strikes a beautiful balance between pure looks and functional aerodynamic principles. Its overall shape allows 309 pounds of downforce to be produced at 120 mph and 793 pounds at top speed.

Each of its purposeful body creases and curves functions to increase visual flair and direct air where it’s supposed to be. The supercar’s most notable visual feature is undoubtedly its LED headlights that travel up the edges of the hood, drawing the eyes up toward the car. The rear features Ferrari’s characteristic circle headlights that border large air vents, adding to its sporty styling. In the middle of the 458’s massive diffuser, a three-tip exhaust.

If you want to experience everything that makes a Ferrari great, this Ferrari 458 Italia for rent in Miami is the perfect introduction to the brand.


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