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In the United States, there are numerous car rentals with a long history and treasure of old traditions. Our history begins today. Once you become our client, each minute, you will find yourself in a different lifestyle and enjoy the exotic, luxurious experience, almost like royalty. We have luxury and exotic cars for rent from all the automotive manufacturers, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Rolls Royce, and many more.

The Ferrari 488 GTB rental, is an exotic car made by the Italian manufacturer Ferrari, is a mid-engine exotic sports car. The 488 GTB rental is the first Ferrari to use a turbocharged V8 since the F40. The Ferrari 488 replaced the Ferrari 458. 

488 GTB rental is driven by a 3.9-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 engine, smaller than the -engine in 458, but delivers a relatively higher output. The 488 GTB was named by Top Gear “The Supercar of the Year 2015” as well as “Best Driver’s Car” by Motor Trend in 2017.

White Ferrari 488 GTB rental side view mph club
White Ferrari 488 GTB rental rear view mph club
White Ferrari 488 GTB rental dashboard view mph club
White Ferrari 488 GTB rental interior view mph club

205 mph

15 city / 20 hwy

7 speed dual clutch auto

2 seater


The Manettino is the little red switch that controls all the driving modes, it allows drivers to customize their drive depending on road conditions or their driving preferences for the day. 

The Manettino gives the drivers different options for driving modes,  for example, wet or icy roads, sport driving, superior comfort, and on the edge driving. The settings may change depending on the models, including or not including the Race setting, or utilize buttons rather than a rotating lever.

White Ferrari 488 GTB rental mph club


The Ferrari 488 GTB rental has it’s classical Ferrari vibe. It was never easy to upgrade the 458, one of the classiest Ferraris ever, and we are confident that the 488 GTB did an outstanding job. It’s an astonishing unit, from the long, narrow headlights, to the double exhaust pipes and a glass rear window, which fully displays the twin-turbocharged V8 engine. The aerodynamics of the rear diffuser, in every situation, boosts the sporting charm of this sports car.

This Ferrari rental drives on 20-inch alloy wheels. Daytime running lights and plenty of aerodynamics is one of the reasons why someone would rent and drive this beast.

The 488 GTB rental is 179.8 inches in length, 47.8 inches in height, and is 76.9 inches wide, with the exclusion of the side mirrors. The car sits low on the ground.  With limited ground clearance, caution must be taken when driving over speed bumps or steeply inclined driveways or ramps. The weight of this beast is 3,252 pounds and is lighter than the Ferrari 458.

You might be shocked once you get to know that white is not the only color choice for the 488 GTB. There are 28 colors and several red shades such as Corsa Red, Fiorano Red, and Scuderia Red that you can pick from.


The performance of the Ferrari 488 rental Miami, to say the least, is spectacular. The maximum outputs for the 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged engine are 661 horsepower and 561 lb-ft torque (all of which is sent to the rear wheels). This beauty takes just three seconds for 0-60 mph and the top speed is over 200 mph. The V8 engine also gives a spectacular howl. It was a decisive victory to switch to turbocharging.

The advanced 3.9 liters twin-turbocharged V8 is the Ferrari GTB’s is a powerful masterpiece and it’s hard to argue on that. The vehicle is an  Instant and aggressive overtaking beast. This is the most significant achievement of V8 though.

The dual-clutch seven-speed automatic transmission also plays a major role and shifts alacrity, which effectively matches the engine’s power delivery. And the sound of the engine? It still remains hugely characterful.

A beautifully tuned chassis combined with the clever electronics creates an outstanding driving experience where the 488 rental appears to act responsively. Exceptional body balance, perfectly-weighted controls, and the syncing of engine and gearbox that always seems like a simultaneous accomplishment. The 488 GTB rental is an impeccable car.

Apart from that, the Ferrari 488 GTB rental gives around 15 miles per gallon in cities while drives around 22 miles per gallon on highways. A sports car like this can hold up to 20.6 gallons of gas.


The 488 GTB has a low-down seating position and the seats are super supportive. It has a typically elegant cabin, lined with leather, suede, carbon fiber, and metallic trimming which adorns the dash and door panels. A central tachometer is positioned in front of the driver. Digital readouts, two tiny screens are installed next to the rev counter displays much of the detail. A red push start button and a manettino dial are given on the steering wheel to experience different drive modes.

The back seats would influence the size of this beast and its maximum performance. Consequently, only one other person shares a unique experience with the driver. There is plenty of accommodation for two in the cabin. The headroom and legroom are ample for the passenger and driver.

The trunk offers hasp to up to 8.1 cubic feet, which is sufficient to keep bags and smaller luggage items. The interior storage is minimal. There are slim door pockets, a lockable glovebox, and a little room to store minor things behind front seats.


The car has some essential features which include, digital climate control, cruise control, heated exterior mirrors, sports leather seats, LED lighting, keyless entry, and an engine push start button. The steering wheel looks is loaded with buttons and switches, which gives it a look similar to the gaming steering. Both airbags and a rearview camera are equipped for a safer and improved driving experience.  

After the predominant audio system (the V8 engine itself), the secondary audio system comprises a six-speaker setup with Bluetooth support, MP3 compatibility, and USB link, plus an auxiliary port. Apple users can enjoy Apple CarPlay.   A voice recognition interface is provided in the default navigation system.  

A fantastic performance machine is another name of the Ferrari 488 GTB. The twin turbo-loaded engine combines the best of a turbo with the best of natural power. The car fascinates you with its flawless suspension mechanics to its marvelous steering.

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