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(3.9L, V8)


Another sports car joins the exotic mph Club fleet as we welcome the Ferrari 488 Spider. This sports car is an heir to the capabilities and titles of Ferrari 458 Spider, of course, only a bit better!

Stir your passion for exotic sports cars when you hear the soundtrack Ferrari 488 Spider’s engine produces the moment you start it up until you hear it roar when you drive it to its full speed. Drive them through our exotic car rental here at mph Club. 

Ferrari 488 Spider takes pride in its aerodynamics as it is able to make it possible to have both minimizing drag and maximizing downforce. The body design that uses Aero Pillar does not only add elegance and class but also ensures that the air that hits the front of the car will not hinder its speed. The rear diffuser, together with the well-planned architecture of Ferrari 488 Spider’s body, its aerodynamics is truly something to look forward to.

Speaking of design, Ferrari 488 Spider has a retractable hardtop, which you may think can challenge your driving speed, but not really because of this car’s Side-Slip Controls and tires which are specially designed to stick to the road. Hence, even at its  203 mph maximum speed and 0-60 mph in 3.0 seconds swiftness, you are assured that you’re safe. 

Safety also comes with comfort, and that ease is another characteristic you can get from Ferrari 488 Spider. A total oneness can immediately be felt by the driver the moment he sits in the cockpit that has two seats and space that make you feel that you are one with your car. Another addition to Ferrari 488 Spider is its infotainment capabilities. With its Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth and navigation, you can rely on that you’ll be virtually assisted in your journeys. 

Get the feel of Ferrari’s 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine and a whole lot more the Ferrari 488 Spider offers by driving it yourself.

Want to see how a Ferrari 488 Spider runs? Visit our YouTube channel for videos.

Blue Ferrari 488 Spider rental side view mph club
Blue Ferrari 488 Spider rental rear view mph club
Blue Ferrari 488 Spider rental driving view mph club
Blue Ferrari 488 Spider rental interior view mph club

205 mph

15 city / 20 hwy

7 speed dual clutch auto

2 seater


The No. 1 market for Ferrari spiders is the United Kingdom, where 54 percent of Ferraris sold are spiders over coupes. Germany and the United States are at No. 2 with 53 percent and Japan is fourth with 50 percent of its market choosing spiders.

Ferrari 488 Spider blue


Whether you want some glamour with an exotic Ferrari, some edge with Lamborghini, or some fun with any other prestigious car brand, our luxury and exotic cars will enhance the desired feel of your dreams! Congratulations! It’s time to fulfil your desire. Rent a Ferrari 488 spyder from mph club and make your events stand out. If you’re the type that prefers something more luxurious and magnificent, or if you prefer to drive loud and proud, book a luxury or exotic car rental from mph club.

Who hasn’t dreamed of driving a Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, or a Rolls Royce


The Ferrari 488 Convertible rental is an open two-seat car with emphasis on sporting appearance or character. Let’s have a look at its more features that will compel you to rent a Ferrari 488 spyder.

Riding a
Ferrari 488 spyder Rental always blesses you with the most entertaining and never-forgettable journey. This car is entirely developed around its retractable hardtop. It’s a 25Kg weighing slender two-panel item that creates an extra sense of rigidity and security.

It’s a story that started with the Targa-top version of the 308 GTB and which ultimately appears as a full convertible spider architecture. This power unit is the engine having an outstanding and efficient performance ever with zero turbo lag. At 8,000rpm it delivers 670 CV at with a specific power output of 172 CV/l. Do you know it’s a new record for a road-going Ferrari, a throttle response time of just 0.8 seconds at 2000 rpm in third gear and maximum torque of 760 Nm in seventh gear?


Rent a Ferrari 488 spyder to enjoy a unique and most entertaining journey ever. The interior is distinct, sporty, and simultaneously elegant. A more comfortable, ergonomic armrest and new door panels are as much about style as comfort, with newly designed seating. It is an excellent piece of Ferrari car products, used as a daily driver because the seats are highly comfortable bucket seats. The driver also has a choice of fitting in better seats to get into more comfort.

The Ferrari 488 Spider was designed to adapt appropriately to efficiently meet the typical demands of Spider driving and use. The 488 Spider rental is based on a body shell and aluminum space frame chassis and is equipped with the new turbocharged V8.

The mid-engine 488 Spider rental retains the 488 Coupe’s dimensions but gains a bit of weight in the process. Total length comes in at 179.8 inches; it sits 76.9 inches wide and 47.7 inches high. The front and rear track measurements are 66.1/64.8 inches, respectively. Ferrari provides a dry weight figure of 3362 lbs, which is 110 lbs heavier than the Coupe.


Ferrari has produced another masterpiece with its new 488 Spider with the V8 engine.

The car features a dynamic behavior that makes a driver get an effortless journey in the most challenging routes. Get a chance to rent these modern and classics exotic cars for special events. It’s the ultimate way to put an impressive touch on your special occasion. 

mph club is a customer-friendly service always available to serve a special. That’s why we are available to help you with your dreamy cars. Don’t overthink and rent Ferrari Spider rental from mph club and fulfill your dreams. Make an entrance on a big date night or special event and book a luxury car rental alternative with attitude.

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