2019 McLaren 570S Spider for sale

Price: $ SOLD

The 570S Spider for sale is the convertible sibling to one of Mclaren’s best selling vehicles of all time. The 570S is often referred to as a sports car by Mclaren, however, the moment you give this “sports car” some gas you will quickly learn it comes packed with true European supercar power. The name 570S refers to horse power that this 3.8 liter Twin-Turbocharged V8 engine produces. 562 horse power is no joke considering this vehicles carbon fiber light weight frame. When the Spider’s hard top roof is up you might mistake the vehicle for its coupe counterpart. Aside from the hard top roof the difference between the 570S and 570S Spider is minimal. The equipment needed to deploy and retract the hard top roof adds about 75 pounds more than the coupe.
Our Mclaren 570S Spider comes spec’d in a beautiful gray paint with an interior wrapped in black alcantara. Every surface of the Mclaren’s cockpit is covered in premium materials giving this convertible rocket ship a touch of luxury.