2020 McLaren 600LT Spider MSO for sale

Price: SOLD


The McLaren 600LT for sale is the more recent iteration of the legendary McLaren V8. The LT in the name stands for “Long Tail” literally meaning a longer vehicle designed to dominate on the track. At first glance you will see a 570S but upon further inspection you’ll begin to notice some of the many improvements. The differences between the 570S and 600LT are dramatic. Notice the additional carbon fiber panels weaved throughout the vehicle from the splitter to the side skirts and continuing to the rear diffuser. Not to mention the radically improved top mounted exhaust system. Inside you’ll notice the minimal and functional carbon fiber tub serving to reduce weight and provide a pure racing experience. The track inspired design doesn’t stop there, you’ll find several design “Easter eggs” hidden throughout the vehicle. For example, when adjusting the AC on the center console screen you’ll notice the person icon used to depict the directional airflow is wearing a racing helmet. Every detail of this car will remind you that you’re in a track vehicle.