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The Tesla Cybertruck for sale is a car that marks a pivotal change in the automotive industry’s evolution. From a mile away, the Cybertruck for sale is noticeable with its unique design and its huge size. This is the most talked about vehicle currently on the market, and people are fighting over an opportunity to be the first to get ahead of the curve that will continue for decades. This Cybertruck for sale is not only extremely low in mileage, but it is the Cyberbeast Foundation Series which is the package for the highest level of options you can currently opt-in for on a Tesla Cybertruck. 

Appearance and Design – 

While the Cybertruck is intended to be of similar functionality to a pickup truck, its design is nothing short of shocking and unlike anything else that has been built. With a large bed in the back, this car has sharp edges and flat panels that take away the bulkiness of a pickup truck and look like an SUV from the future. The symmetrical geometry throughout the car and the triangular patterns also make this car stand out tremendously from any vehicle on the streets. 

Performance and Power – 

As the brand always does, Tesla created an electric car that easily competes with other supercars on the streets. With over 845 horsepower, this heavy beast goes 0-60 mph in just 2.6 seconds. Most supercars must sacrifice weight, plan with aerodynamics and shape of the car, and compensate in many other ways to increase their acceleration. However, this truck has room for the entire family, everyone’s luggage, and will still drive just as quickly and keep handling as sensitive as a sports car.



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