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Lamborghini Aventador SV Rental

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Starting At:


100 miles per day included,

$15 per additional mile,

Security deposit required.

1 Rental Day = 24 hours




(6.5L, V12)


Going beyond what most car enthusiasts expect, this Lamborghini Aventador SV rental Miami is one of the best ways to experience the city built around fast cars and luxury. Released four years after the original Aventador debuted, the Aventador SV rental further refined the proven Lamborghini formula. Standing for Super Veloce, Italian for “super fast,” the SV model was able to increase power and reduce weight from the original Aventador.

Sitting behind the driver is a monstrous 6.5L V12 engine. The enhanced engine produces 740 horsepower, 50 hp more than the prior Aventador. The Aventador SV rental Miami takes off the line with 509 lb-ft of torque, an unforgettable experience.

A new lightweight exhaust system was developed for the Aventador SV rental engine with better pressure management and sound output in mind. Paired with the V12 is a 7-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifting technology. The electronically controlled AWD system can distribute power between the front and rear axels on the fly.

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217 mph

9.5 city / 22 hwy

7 speed Automatic

2 seater


The Aventador SV rental has the greatest suspension system by Lamborghini ever, as its “anti-roll stiffness” was improved by fifty percent. Due to the crazy speeds the car can reach, a good suspension system is crucial, and this Aventador SV rental is better on corners than any of its predecessors.

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When looking to rent a Lamborghini Aventador SV in Miami, it is essential that one feels comfortable in the car. Every aspect of the Aventador SV, such as the engine, transmission, differential, steering, and more, can be adjusted to the individual driver. More broad changes can be made by selecting from three pre-configured drive modes, Strada (Street), Sport, and Corsa (Race).


Stepping inside the Aventador SV, you are not greeted with a spartan race car setup, but instead, something more livable. Extensive use of leather and Alcantara are found throughout the cabin. The bolstered seats will be sure to hold you in position through the most aggressive track turns.

Bright red stitching and trimmings are found throughout the cabin, contrasting nicely off the black interior, and continuing the exterior’s theme. Several “SV” wordmarks are located across the cabin to indicate its reputation. The flat-bottomed race steering wheel comes wrapped in Alcantara and preferred leather. Perfectly contoured, you won’t ever want to let it go. In the place of stalks sit imposing paddle shifters. The functions of the stalks have moved to buttons on the steering wheel itself. Behind the steering wheel sits a digital gauge cluster allowing your eyes to remain on the road.

In the center console sits the infotainment screen and a fighter-aircraft-inspired control layout. Most prominent is the start button, which rests beneath a bright red flip-up cover, further fueling anyone’s fighter-pilot fantasies.


Increased usage of carbon fiber also allows the SV rental model to shed 110 pounds of weight. With the increase in power and decrease in weight, the Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce rental can achieve an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 1 hp to 2 kg. Altogether, this allows the Aventador SV to hit 60 mph in about 2.7 seconds. The top speed sits somewhere near 217 mph, an unimaginable speed.


When on the move, the body lines of the Aventador seem to pierce through space. The lines function both well in design and performance. Lamborghini’s staff worked closely with aerodynamic engineers to produce a 150% more aerodynamically efficient design with 170% more downforce than the regular Aventador. The most prominent feature is, no doubt, the large adjustable black rear wing. An updated front lip, rear skirt, and rear diffusor are all finished in black to contrast the beautiful Rossa Bia paint color.

With only 600 ever made, this Lamborghini Aventador SV rental in Miami may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Not many can say they’ve driven one of Lamborghini’s most visceral cars.


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