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Lamborghini Huracán Rental

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100 miles per day included,

$5 per additional mile,

Security deposit required.

1 Rental Day = 24 hours




(5.2L, V10)


Lamborghini Huracán spells class, luxury and glory. Another car of its kind is now a part of our fleet, now in color black—which even made this model more divine. 

Under the heat of the sun, the Lamborghini Huracán’s body details shine. At night, its LED lighting technology still makes it stand out. You can rent it and drive it any time of the day and experience power as you hold the steering wheel and hear its engine roar. You are sure to get second glances on the roads as you drive and descend with class from this exotic rental. 

Lamborghini Huracán’s exterior is not just designed to be eye-catchy, but for aficionados to experience fast driving as the sleek car pierces through the air. 
The cockpit and interior of the car, where you’ll spend most of your time, will welcome you with the same sophisticated vibe. The cockpit is equipped with state of the art technology that will show you three-dimensional GPS, Google Earth and car functions and details in a 12.3-inch screen. 

Part of Lamborghini Huracán’s built is the ANIMA (Adaptive Network Intelligence Management) technology that will allow you to shift from a relaxed road car driving to a more thrilling race car speed driving. If you choose to drive using the latter’s speed, expect a top speed of 202mph and acceleration of 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds from its V10 engine. 
Together with the technology is the comfort the cockpit provides. This two-seater exotic car  rental is designed with the Lamborghini signature Italian design. Seats can be upholstered with leather or heated through the car’s electronic technology to give you more comfort.  

Lamborghini Huracán is simply perfect inside and out. If you are looking for a car that will give you the class and different driving needs from day until night, this is the car for you.

Black on red Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder rental side view mph club turntable
Black on red Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder rental rear view mph club turntable
Black on red Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder rental dashboard view mph club turntable
Black on red Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder rental interior view mph club turntable

202 mph

11 city / 18 hwy

7-Speed LDF

2 seater


The Huracan has introduced the use of forged composites. The wonder material started as a collaboration between Lamborghini and Callaway Golf. After building a lab in Seattle, Boeing got interested and got into the mix right away, using it for the wings and fuselage of the 787 Dreamliner. This material is strong, light & unique. The patented material is used in several critical areas of the Huracan and it won’t be found on any other car.


The Lamborghini Huracan rental exterior is so captivating and stylish in its appearance. It does not matter from which side you look at it; the car features a highly attractive look. Moreover, it is designed to have a dynamic and sporty look to inspire millions of people. Each of the lines of the Lamborghini Huracan rental goes from hexagons to streamlined Y’s that cut through the air and take the rider’s breath away.


Enjoy the racing-inspired atmosphere in the Lamborghini Huracan. It is a two-seater coupe with just a stunning and gorgeous interior with an amazing navigation system. The Huracan rental is one of the first sports cars that move the infotainment system out of the center stack. The interior of the car is designed in a way that riders feel comfortable and safe. The driver has full heating and electric control of the sports seats and the electric backrest and standard lengthwise alignment.

The Lamborghini Huracan claims to offer an involving and natural experience because each part is designed with a special effort to make it a unique piece. The standard leather seats of the car are comforting and become a good companion in the whole journey.

Something as essential as a carbon atom inspires the design of the exterior of the Lamborghini Huracan. It shows the powerful appearance in the road, and you can’t ignore the roar of the v10 engine from this beauty, grabbing all people’s attention. It is extended to the length of 4,459mm(175.6in) and width of 1924mm(75.7in). It stands to a height of 1165 mm(45.9 in) and has a wheelbase of 2630mm(103.1in).


Lamborghini claims a majestic top speed of 202 mph while 0-60mph takes 3.5 seconds by using its 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and an all-wheel-drive system. This seems amazing! Its engine has a smoother intake and lower back-pressure exhaust system to generate 5.2 liters and 640 horsepower. The Huracan rental engine is so torquey and linear that it proves it is a brilliant engine with powerful torque of 471 kW (631 hp; 640 PS) at 8,000 rpm and 601 Nm (443 lb-ft) of torque at 6,500 rpm.


The Lamborghini Huracan is not only worthy for its fast speed but also for its dynamic system that is exemplary for precious cars.

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