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(4.0L, V8)


The Lamborghini Urus redefines what an SUV can be. This aggressive V8 twin turbo will blow your expectations out of the water. Many Lamborghini fans were skeptical at the announcement of this car, but when you get behind the wheel for yourself  you will understand why the Urus is now Lamborghini’s best selling vehicle of all time. This 4.0 Liter V8 twin turbo engine kicks out 641 horsepower and 626 pound feet of torque. The all wheel drive and 8 speed dual clutch transmission system is thrilling to say the least.

Like all Lamborghini models, the name derives from a famous bull. The name Urus comes from a large and powerful ancient european bovine which was considered to be an ancestor to the bull and was not domesticable. Technically the Urus is not Lamborghini’s first SUV. The first true Lamborghini SUV would be the LM001 and the LM002 which were originally designed for military use. The Urus draws design inspiration from many lamborghini models of the past including this Italian war machine.

The Urus is built for any and all driving situations. Besides the standard driving modes (Strada, Sport, and Coarsa) the Urus has several additional driving modes to adjust everything from powertrain, handling, to throttle response. This will allow your vehicle to perform in the rain,  sand, and even in the snow. In addition, If you think you can program a better driving mode than Lamborghini engineers you have the option. The Urus has a driving mode called “Ego” which will allow you to do just that. Total control with all of the power and style you’d expect from a Lamborghini. If you want to check out more content about the Urus make sure to check out our Youtube channel where we dive deeper into what makes this vehicle so incredible.

Black on red Lamborghini Urus rental side view turntable - mph club
Black on red Lamborghini Urus rental rear view turntable - mph club
Black on red Lamborghini Urus rental dashboard view turntable - mph club
Black on red Lamborghini Urus rental interior view turntable - mph club

205 mph

12 city / 17 hwy

8 speed auto

5 seater

Did you know?

Lamborghini doesn’t call it an SUV, Lamborghini prefers the term Super Sports Utility Vehicle (SSUV). We know, it’s kind of pretentious, but this is Lamborghini, so it makes a lot of sense. The Lamborghini Urus is the second SUV it has ever made, and the last one was the Rambo Lambo LM002 in the ‘80s.

Black on red Lamborghini Urus rental - mph club


The Lamborghini Urus rental has taken off-road luxury to a new level, its engine is rated at a maximum torque of 850 Nm at 2,250–4,500 rpm and maximum power output of 478 kW at 6,000 rpm. The highest speed (205 mph) makes it possible to consider it the fastest production SUVs in the world. The car can grab the speed of 0–60 in 3.4 seconds and 0–124 in 12.8 seconds.


High-quality interior components are available in Lamborghini Urus rental. Lamborghini has never compromised on the interior of their cars. When it comes to the interior, natural leather, Alcantara, wood, and even carbon fiber makes the inside richer, comfortable and luxurious. Different space options characterize the Lamborghini Urus. The comfort and good support in the driving seat make your journey even more memorable. The Urus rental can be configured to be a five-seater with a bench seat in the rear or a four-seater with two separate captain chairs with a center console.

For more cargo space, the riders have the option of folding rear seats so that the 56.36 cubic feet volume available. Feel great in the Lamborghini urus with optional features such as a panoramic sunroof for making the cabin feel roomier.

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Lamborghini Urus claims to be the first Super Sport Utility Vehicle in the world that incorporates the functionality of an SUV with the soul of super sports. We should be thankful for state-of-the-art connectivity with comfort, safety, entertainment, and exclusive navigation features. Right now, the Lamborghini Urus rental stands alone as the world’s first and only true Super SUV. So, are you excited to hit the roads? Fortunately for those, we provide exotic cars that make your impossible dreams true. We believe everyone should have the chance to fulfill their desire. Rent the latest Lamborghini Urus from mph club today.


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