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Lamborghini Urus Rental Miami

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100 miles per day included,

$5 per additional mile,

Security deposit required.

1 Rental Day = 24 hours




(4.0L, V8)


No matter if you’re a visitor or resident of Miami, this city always has something staggering to offer. In whatever way you like spending your time for entertainment, Miami has got you covered. And when it comes to enjoying the undying thrill, cheery life, and joyful endeavors of Miami, look no further than the mph club’s Lamborghini Urus SUV rental to cruise around in style!

Prepare yourself to uncontrollably and instantly fall in love with the feeling of liberty and leisure that you get with this Sporty SUV Rental.

As the first Super Sports SUV Vehicle in the world, Lamborghini Urus extensively consolidates the functionality of an SUV with the heart of a sports car. Run by a vigorous 4.0 liter V8 twin-turbo engine, unleashing a wave of 641 HP and delivering 627 lb-ft of torque, the mph club’s Lamborghini Urus SUV Rental Miami conquers every road.

This exemplary engineering jewel achieves a top speed of 205 mph and can go from 0 to 60 mph in only 3.4 seconds. Its performance, fundamental construction, driving subtleties, and handling sensation course adroitly, supported by its incredible aerodynamic foundations.

Absolutely overwhelm the indolence of nearly 5,000 lbs without floundering by taking control of its power throttle. The startling bi-turbo V8 of our Lamborghini rental has hot V silhouette, which diminishes the turbo lag considerably. This accounts for prompt accelerator responses and a strong revving sound that this vehicle is known for.

Wherever it counts, refined technologies pay their dividends. Our Lamborghini SUV Rental is wielded fluidly and in a manner that adorns any sports car.

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205 mph

12 city / 17 hwy

8-speed Auto

5 seater


No one could have imagined that Lamborghini would ever make a four-door supercar. Right? But, as we know, this is not the first SUV by Lamborghini.

Earlier, just because of not having more than two seats, driving any Lamborghini either with friends or family was not possible. Thanks to the Urus. Now, any Lambo fan will be able to enjoy the thrill of a performance SUV with their close ones.

Green Lamborghini Urus rental mph club


As soon as this Lambo SUV drives off, the phenomenal control of its swift, sharply angularized steering wheel can be felt. A sophisticated air-sourced suspension is adequate and fit to deliver the needed functionalities, as well as capable of withstanding the unexpected.

The ridiculous levels of mid-corner support and the capacity to absorb corner bumps flawlessly make Urus one of a kind. And, even though having a weight that’s a bit on the heavier side, this vehicle is fiercely athletic.


This unequaled Lamborghini SUV originates a new class of automobiles. Being a 5-seater, it can haul families and their stuff on a long drive as effortlessly as it will on a solo adventure-filled off-road trip to the wildest of terrains.

With a coadunate architecture from Q7 and Bentayga, one assumes volumes of interior space in this Lamborghini SUV rental, and rightfully so. The driver’s seat is designed to shell out extravagant serviceability, and provides outstanding levels of comfort and support, with countless means of upholstering every fine surface.


Every last inch of the interior of the Urus cabin can be tailored to suit personal preferences. With the finest cushioning details, the luxury factor is nothing short of top-notch. The upper and lower dash and door panels are decked with matching leather, and the hexagonally quilted seating with contrasting colors add a distinctive look to the overall look of its interior.

There are no exaggerations in our claim that this Lamborghini SUV rental of the mph club doesn’t fail to get the adrenaline speeding through your veins right when you set foot inside.

Additionally, besides the sensational ease and firm grip of the steering wheel, you can go on a ride in a sporty drive mode like Corsa or Sport, and the torque-vectoring powered all-wheel-drive style will promptly deliver horsepower to the outer rear rollers, allowing for an extremely precise oversteering.

Lastly, where this super sports SUV defies physics is its exceptional off-road supremacy on all terrains. This beast of a utility vehicle can climb swampy docks and find its way around undulated debris with readiness. Safe to say, our Lamborghini Urus rental Miami is more than proficient at handling anything mother nature might throw its way.


The mph club’s Lamborghini Urus SUV rental is an unchallenged flamboyance on the road. The profound Lamborghini badges and LED headlights with Y-shaped contours, adopted from the more conventional Lamborghini models, and the magnificent alloy wheels housed in overwhelmingly angular wheel arches enable this vehicle to surmount all terrains.

From the rear, four quad mortar pipes, two on each side, find their way out of the back aerodynamic splitter with the Lamborghini sobriquet trimmed across the dorsal between the rarefied LED taillight clusters. The exterior is anything but elusive, yet for the individuals who seek supremacy in style and performance, it is the automobile of their dreams.

Our Lamborghini SUV rental has a 118-inch wheelbase, which is longer than most cars in its range. Additionally, Urus has an overall length of about 202 inches — making its exterior dimensions perfectly proportioned.

Its immense ring arches and insatiable aperture are accentuated by a 79-inch frame width sans mirrors as well as a 64.5-inch height. The ground clearance of 6.2 to 9.8 inches not only provides this car with a low and balanced center of gravity but also achieves an aerodynamic frame that can slash air with the least resistance.

Finally, the multiple guises assumed by its design: sporty, luxurious, and off-road are one of a kind. Brawny surfaces lend a resolute appearance, while its massive wheels grant the look of a luxury super sports car.


The mph club’s Lamborghini Urus rental is more than just an automobile. It is an expression of freedom. Allow yourself to explore any territory, from plain roads to gravel, ice, sand, or rocks fearlessly with our Urus Rental.

It is by far the most impeccant and well-rounded super sports SUV car ever. Our Urus rental allows you to discover new paths, trails, and tracks to put your true personality to display — confidently accept challenges, live your experiences boldly, and to the fullest!

With this Lamborghini SUV rental, there’s no fear of going too far; you’ll aspire to go above and beyond as this paragon of an automobile is sheerly dependable.

Unlock any path, unlock your soul; rent yourself our Lamborghini Urus SUV rental today, at mph club.


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