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Said to be the largest county in the state of Florida, Collier County is home to the cities of Marco Island, Naples and Everglades City. This county has a lot of attractions to see like their lush preserve lands which include a number of wildlife refuges, private parks, a state forest, and of course the well known Everglades National Park and more, which makes it an amazing place for not only tourists who come down to South Florida to visit but also locals in the area like to take trips down to one of the cities to visit some of these adventurous attractions.

If nature is not really your forte, Collier County has cities that are home to a number of different restaurants and trendy shopping boutiques so you are sure to always have something to do to keep you entertained. With an average temperature of 75 degrees all year around, the weather is definitely perfect for either a weekend trip with friends or a vacation spot with family. But what is a vacation or trip to the warm Collier County without a luxury vehicle to accompany your trip. If you are in the Collier County area and are looking for an exotic or luxury car rental in the South Florida area then look no further because mph club has got you covered.

With a large fleet of some of the worlds most luxurious and exotic vehicles, we are sure that finding the perfect vehicle to hire will not be a problem, because out of the many cars to choose from we are sure that at least one of them will be the perfect fit. Our fleet includes some exotic vehicles like the Lamborghini or Ferrari, which are perfect if you are into the thrill of speed, but also something a little classier like our Rolls Royce Series 2, which is catered to accompany any luxury lifestyle. What ever your taste in vehicles is, we got just the right fit. So make sure to book your Luxury car rental today with the mph club and we will make sure your rental experience is nothing that you have eve experienced before.

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