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Hillsborough County is said to be the fourth most populated county is the State of Florida with an estimate of around 1.3 million people in habiting the area and the entire county covers about 1020 square miles. Known for some of the most amazing sandwiches the most famous of them being the Cuban which was created in this County, but of course people in Miami want to claim it as their own due to its name. With so much amazing sites and historic places to visit, Hillsborough County is definitely a must visit place.

This county has the world’s longest sidewalk that is continuous and is known as Bayshore Boulevard and is stated to be about 4.5 miles long and on this side walk you will definitely enjoy a gorgeous view along the way. There are some historic sites to see, some of them being the city known to be the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World, which was previously a cotton center- a lot of people like to visit this place as it is historic and one of the tourists must visit or things to do. Known too for both the jockey team, amusement parks, their hand-rolled cigars and more, this county is filled with a lot of things to do.

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