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Marion County is one of the counties that are located in the rural parts of the State of Florida. It was ranked as the 16th most populated county among all the other 67 counties in the State. Being located in the rural area, this county is an amazing place to live and visit if you are someone who loves the outdoors because all year round there is always something fun and exciting to do. In Marion County lies the largest artesian spring system in the world and became the first tourist attraction in Florida. This tourist site showcases evidence of prehistoric animals and man that date back to thousands of years ago.

There are different festivals that are ongoing yearly that celebrate the different cultures and diversity of Marion County. There is always something fun and exciting to do in this county, which is far from limited. From golfing at the many different available gold courses, to attending one of the rodeo shows, to motor sports, drag racing and more. This county is home to a lot of visitors and tourist that want to experience the outdoors in a way that they gave never experienced before, which is what this county is able to offer. The average weather of the county has temperatures that range from 72 to 74 degrees making it perfect to visit all year around. If you are taking a trip down to beautiful Marion County or are a local in that area and are looking for a luxury vehicle to hire then you are looking in the right place.

mph club specializes in offering our customers the best in exotic and luxury car rental services in the State of Florida. Our fleet comprises of a number of amazing vehicles that will be perfect for your rental choice no matter what car you decide to choose. if you are looking for a luxury vehicle that can cater to the out doors scenery then we have just the perfect cars for you. We have vehicles like our G wagon or our Range Rover Supercharge that are not only perfect for the outdoors but that add luxury to the scene and impeccable style that is sure to turn heads. mph club also has other luxury cars that range from our Rolls Royce Ghost Series 2 to our exotic Lamborghini’s- whatever you need we are here to make your rental experience none like any other. So book your next luxury rental with mph club® today and be a part of the lifestyle.

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