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Pinellas County is one of the 67 states in Florida that was discovered in 1528 by Panfilo de Narvaez but was established as a county in 1912 being Florida’s 48th county at the time. The name of the county was taken from the Spanish words “ Punta Pinal”, which actually means point of pines. It is said that this county is the most densely populated county in the State of Florida with 3,347 people inhabiting per square mile of land and is recorded as the second smallest county in the state too. Even though Pinellas County is one of the smallest county’s in the state, there are still a few attractions to visit and great things to do. The county’s park department maintains about 4,242 acres of landscapes that are said to be the most beautiful pristine landscapes in the whole of Florida.

The county is filled with relaxing lakes, beautiful white sandy beaches, and lush green expanses of habitat and more, there are so many facilities and things to do that allow the visitors of the county to have an opportunity to experience relaxation like no other. If you are in the Pinellas County area whether vacationing or just a local there and looking for something exciting to do like renting a luxury vehicle for the weekend then mph club is here to assist you with that. mph club specializes in offering our clients the best in luxury and exotic rentals anywhere in the Florida region. Depending on what your taste is in cars we are sure that our fleet will definitely be to your liking.

We house some of the most extravagant and expensive vehicles in the world that definitely add to the luxury lifestyle that Florida is accustom to. What is living in Florida if you have not yet experienced speeding down the streets with the ocean as your view in a luxury car whilst turning heads? That is missing out on the excitement that this State has to bring, but do not worry because we will be able to give you that experience and more here at the mph club. Our fleet includes cars such as the Lamborghini Aventador or the Huracan and even the newest Ferrari 488 Spider; it does not get any more exotic than that. Other vehicles include our luxury Rolls Royce series 2 or our stylish G wagon- whatever your taste we are here to satisfy it. Book your next vehicle with us and be a part of the lifestyle

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