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St. Lucie County is one of the beautiful counties in the State of Florida, which inhabits an area of land that is approximately 571.93 square miles and is home to a population of about 277,798 people living in that area. What makes this county so beautiful and a must visit region is that it is home to two beautiful botanical gardens that are unique to the area. These gardens are known as the Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens. In here they offer a wide range of botanical habitats some of these being the Bromeliad Island Garden, The Bamboo Garden and much more- making it an extraordinary tourist site where people all over Florida and the country come down to see.

The Garden also host shows, events and entrainment making it a very exciting and interesting place to visit. In one of the cities in the county lies a tropical bonsai trees collection that is the largest of the nation. St. Lucie County is different from the rest of Florida’s coastline because it comprises of 21 miles of beautiful natural beaches which most of them are natural preserves, which is not really seen around other counties in Florida. With a temperature ranging in the averages of 63 to 83 degrees, it is definitely a place that is ideal to visit or vacation all year round which such beautiful weather.

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