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100 miles per day included,

$5 per additional mile,

Security deposit required.




(3.8L V8)

mclaren 600lt

As if a 3.8L V8 engine wasn’t enough, Mclaren threw in a twin turbo. The 600 LT spider was designed to dominate in a track setting, but we decided to let it loose on the streets. You can now rent this exotic vehicle and experience first hand why the Mclaren racing and engineering teams are considered legendary. The LT in 600 LT stands for “Long Tail”. This is a nod to the track minded design of the model. This iteration of the McLaren is in fact a longer car than it’s predecessor model, the 570S. The 600 LT spider sacrifices weight and some creature comforts in the name of speed. A trade we all at mph club agree was well worth it. The 7 speed dual clutch system glides through gear shifts beautifully as you are launched from 0 – 60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds. The Mclaren 600 LT produces 592 horsepower and kicks out 457 pound feet of torque and reaches a top speed of 204 miles per hour. But as always, we ask that you obey the speed limits at all times, these vehicles are capable of incredible speeds so make sure you are driving safe when enjoying your rental. Our model comes in a very special color. The cool gray paint job is simply gorgeous but when the light bounces off the famous McLaren body lines you’ll notice metallic orange flakes sprinkled throughout the car’s entire paint job. On the interior you’ll immediately notice the abundance of premium materials. Gray alcantara and carbon fiber seem to wrap and cover every square inch of this mobile art piece. Bright orange stitching and accents complement the cool gray and carbon fiber tones found throughout the interior. And to top it all off, you have the freedom to drop the roof at the push of a button. Miami weather and convertible sports cars are a perfect match.

Driving cool gray McLaren 600LT rental mph club
Cool gray McLaren 600LT rental scissor doors mph club
Cool gray McLaren 600LT rental interior mph club
Cool gray McLaren 600LT rental rear view mph club

7 speed auto-shift manual w/OD

155 mph
2.8s (0-60)

15 city / 22 hwy

2 seater

204 mph

15 city / 22 hwy

7 speed auto-shift manual w/OD

2 seater