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McLaren Rental Miami has been and will always be the brand to go to if you are looking for exotic cars that you can drive at the fastest speed. Since it was founded by Bruce McLaren in 1963 up to the present time, McLaren cars live up to its founder’s excellent standards and genius ideas. 

These specific characteristics of McLaren cars are the main reasons why we have added them in our fleet of exotic cars. We want you to get the experience of driving the classical race car brand and their swift road cars in a very affordable fee through our exotic car rental. 

McLaren is not just a brand. McLaren is an icon from the moment its first race car was created until the present time when it has started venturing road cars. Get a hold of the steering wheels of these iconic cars here at mph club, and experience how it is like to drive in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere in Florida, the brand that created the fastest cars ever!

Anybody given the chance to drive these iconic cars will never say no. Good thing we added these exotic cars in our fleet for you to drive anytime you want!

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The McLaren 720S Spider is a high-performance sports car that was first introduced in 2017. It is the convertible version of the McLaren 720S, which is a coupe.



The 720s rental integrates McLaren’s ineradicable quest to surpass the limits of possibility. Stronger, lighter, faster — it’s all of those and more. And how its white shade makes you feel enthralled is something else altogether.



From a carbon-fiber tub to produced aluminum control armatures, the McLaren 600LT has pretty much everything the 720S does. It doesn’t exactly have the HP the 720s brag, yet it has an amazing 592HP fueled by a 3.8L Twin-Turbo V8!



The McLaren 570S Spider Rental Miami brings you every bit of the perfection of the Coupé plus the extra liveliness of open-air driving all rolled into one.

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The History of McLaren

Bruce McLaren’s exposure to cars began as early as he was 12 years old when his father bought a 1929 Austin Ulser to fix and resell. McLaren convinced his father that he drive the car. In 1952, at the age of 15, Bruce McLaren won his first car race. When he moved to the United Kingdom in 1958, McLaren continued to dominate the racing field, and he also founded the Bruce McLaren Motor Racing company. From then on, the race car industry has never been the same. 

In 1963, he built his first cars, the M1A, M1B and M2B, which all brought success to Formula 1. Other McLaren cars that continued the brand’s successful winning streak in the racing field are McLaren M7A, McLaren MP41, McLaren MP4/4, McLaren M6A and McLaren M16. McLaren MP4/4, though, is a game-changer in the car and racing industry as it is the first car that is fully made with carbon fiber instead of aluminum alloy. It came to life in 1988.

Bruce McLaren

The Birth of McLaren

McLaren race

McLaren came to life through an Auckland, New Zealand-born Bruce McLaren. He is a renowned race car driver who began his racing history and championship at the age of 15 when he drove a 1929 Austin Ulser in 1952. In 1958, at the age of 22, Bruce was the youngest racer who won the US Grand Prix. He continued to race under Cooper Cars and Formula One teams and continued winning more Grand Prix events and 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966.

Raised by parents who are into car engineering, the apple does not fall from the tree. Bruce established the McLaren Motor Racing Company in 1963, designing and driving its cars. The M1A, M1B and M2B, which V8 engines made it faster than any car in Formula One, were the first three cars his company built. M1A and M1B cars bagged not only one but 43 victories in the Can-Am championship while the latter made its launch at the Monaco Grand Prix.

McLaren M12 coupe 1969
Bruce McLaren history

Just before 1970, Bruce proved that he is ahead of his time and that he is a true car and racing genius when he thought of creating the F3, which will be the first-ever sports car made with the lightest materials. Bruce envisioned the car to run at a speed of 0-100 mph in 8 seconds, but this was halted when Bruce McLaren met a car accident and died while driving the M8D Can-Am.

Even after Bruce McLaren’s death, McLaren race cars continued to dominate different racing events, and with Ron Dennis taking over the company and combining it with “Project Four Racing,” McLaren cars only got better and better. It was under his leadership, through the help of car designer John Barnard that the McLaren MP4 was created in 1981. This car is the first of its kind as it used carbon fiber material instead of aluminum alloy, which made it so light.

McLaren Monaco racing
McLaren heritage f1

Continuing the brand’s legacy of always standing out and being forward-thinkers, in 1992, the next McLaren model—F1 was created. This two-door coupe sports car can only cater to three passengers, one in the front seat for the driver and two in the back seat. The seating was styled the same as a race car. Hailed by the Guinness World Record as “World Fastest Production Car,” F1 can drive 240.1 mph. 

After this, from 1998-2019, McLaren partnered with different companies from Mercedes, Vodafone and Honda to produce their engines, but in 2010, the racing team and car production team spun-off giving birth to McLaren Automotive. This subsidiary focuses on creating McLaren road cars we know today. 


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