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White Mercedes Benz AMG GTS rental profile view mph club

Starting At:


100 miles per day included,

$3 per additional mile,

Security deposit required.

1 Rental Day = 24 hours




(4.0L, V8)


The Mercedes Benz AMG GTS rental is a car with an amazing automatic gear system, stable steering, powerful engine, styled body frame, speed, fuel capacity, hence all the features in one. Its powerful engine produces 523 horsepower that enabling this car to cover a large distance in just a few seconds. The capacity of fuel is approximately 75 liters. The lustrous body is made with aluminum material along with some more in combination. We take care of your all desires and manage every detail so that you can live your dream. The Mercedes AMG GTS rental is amazing and has huge and sparkling specifications and features. 

This amazing Mercedes sports car rental is always a thing of attraction for the people, and at the same time very pricey. There is no doubt that this Mercedes is everybody’s dream, but not everybody can buy one. So here we have come up with a solution. If you dream to ride this car then mph club gives you the opportunity to rent it. mph club aims to provide you all the joys and cherish your happiness with this incredible sports car rental.

There is no doubt that the Mercedes Benz company is launching the topmost marvelous and competitive cars in the market. The Mercedes Benz AMG GTS rental is a very fantabulous car competing with the Porsche 911 model. So we can say that it’s a horse of long run indeed.
The “S” in AMG GT S means it has a bit more luxury compared to a normal AMG GT. However, don’t let its smooth grand touring demeanor fool you, it can hang with the best through the beautiful roads in Miami.

White Mercedes Benz AMG GTS rental side view mph club
White Mercedes Benz AMG GTS rental rear view mph club
White and yellow Mercedes Benz AMG GTS rental mph club
White Mercedes Benz AMG GTS rental interior view mph club

193 mph

18 city / 29 hwy

7-speed Automatic

2 seater

Did you know?

The exhaust button controls valves in the exhaust system that allow the exhaust to bypass baffling. This will make the exhaust louder and you will get more crack and pop sounds when driving.

White Mercedes Benz GTS rental mph club


The engineers have featured a very strong and powerful engine of 4.0L V8 that exactly works as a powerlifter and makes it an incredible sports car rental. The ability of the wheel axles can revolve around about 5,750 times every minute. We know that these specifications are already won the game in your mind but there are many more that this amazing rental can offer.

The total power delivered by the engine of Mercedes Benz AMG GTS rental is 523 horsepower and it also differs slightly from other models. But this productive engine also aids very effectively in sparkle tires and burning the roads.

The Mercedes Benz AMG GTS rental promises all safety measures. The wheel axles are strongly positioned to maintain a strong grip on the roads. The Mercedes Benz AMG GTS rental has an electromagnetic fluid, that generates particular fields. These play a very important role to control the car while driving the GTS rental extremely fast at the sharp endings.

Are you curious about the overall performance of this Sports car rental? This beast covers a distance of 60 miles in just a very short time, only taking 3.7 seconds to approach the line. It maintains its speed because of its body frame. It is a coupe-shaped car with a streamlined body reducing the resistance of air while driving fast on the roads. Moreover, it provides all the comfort and ease to the driver. The seats are very appropriate at their positions but after riding it, drivers exactly feel the way that they have ridden a sports car, not a regular car.


Talking about the material used in the body frame of this sports car rental, aluminum is used to make the entire frame of the car. Although there are some more materials used like magnesium, carbon fibers, and different alloys. The wheel axles are made with premium quality alloys that increase their love and attraction towards this car.

The internal capacity of Mercedes Benz AMG GTS rental is very good and enough for two passengers to sit in calmly.
The interior is very comfortable to have a dream ride indeed. All the materials and design of the car are unique and versatile and distinctive in their way.


No doubt Mercedes Benz AMG GTS rental is the real beast to be praised. If you are looking for exotic car rental services in Miami, Orlando, and any other city in Florida or in the United States we are here to help you and make your reservation process easy and comfortable.

Our remarkable luxury and exotic car rental service are available for our customers 24/7. Now it’s time to ride your dream car with mph club. Choose your favorite luxury or exotic car model and surprise your family, friends, and relatives. Additionally, you can visit our YouTube channel for videos about more rental models.


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