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(4.0L, V8)


Entering the new model year, Mercedes-Benz sticks to its roots and refuses to let go of the rugged Geländewagen off-road sport utility vehicle. Simply known as the “G-wagon” the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG is yet another marvelous addition the mph club arsenal. Since the inception of the G-wagon, Mercedes-Benz has progressively transformed this military vehicle into an ultra-luxury SUV to meet the demands of its customers. While the exterior of the SUV has remained relatively unchanged, the interior has been refined to comfort its occupants in the utmost luxurious fashion.

The breathtaking SUV has an improved biturbo 4.0-liter V-8 that cranks out a roaring 577 horsepower, which can reach 0-60 in about 4.5 seconds. The 7-SPEED AMG SPEEDSHIFT transmission offers elite tuning and features, which allows the driver to have multiple levels of connection and response. The mph club G-Class surrounds its passengers with extraordinary craftsmanship that is on par with the G63’s performance. Our G63 AMG produces a signature V8 roar through its precisely tuned dual exhaust system.

Encompassing modern features, the G-Class remains straightforward and uncompromised that has a shape and size, which maximizes internal space while minimizing overhangs to enhance maneuverability. In terms of appearance, the G-Class SUV received an updated front bumper as well as larger fender flares. Other noteworthy specifications include 21-inch AMG wheels, stainless steel under guard and the black aluminum shielding strip insertion located around the SUV. Ideally fitting to the Miami lifestyle, the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG is an integral part of the mph club exotic car rental fleet.

Black with red Mercedes Benz G63 AMG G Wagon rental side view - mph club
Black with red Mercedes Benz G63 AMG G Wagon rental rear view - mph club
Black with red Mercedes Benz G63 AMG G Wagon rental dashboard view - mph club
Black with red Mercedes Benz G63 AMG G Wagon rental interior view - mph club

150 mph

12 city / 15 hwy

7 speed w/OD

5 seater

Did you know?

Along with the iconic boxy shape, the new G-class rental still has its iconic door handles with the same push-button latch assembly in use for decades. Opening the G’s door is an immensely satisfying experience; the thumb button offers a solid amount of resistance before giving way, and the door latch releases with a substantial clack—a reminder of how the word “German” became a synonym for “precision” back in the late 1970s.

Black with red Mercedes Benz G63 AMG G Wagon rental - mph club


If you are looking for an SUV for hire that has unmeasurable power and a monumental look, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon Rental (G63) is the vehicle to go for while cruising around Miami.

Although G-Wagon is rectangular-ish in appearance, its aerodynamically friendly design makes it comfortable to drive.

The G-Wagon rental Miami distinctively stands out and makes its presence known on the road. Its credible reputation for power stems from the quad exhaust pipes attached beneath the rear passenger doors with a bi-modal capacity!

The all-around performance in this rental SUV is more than impressive. With its bi-turbo charged V8 engine and a 4.0-liter engine capacity, it can deliver an astounding 577 HP of power and 850 Nm of torque.

This dynamic car can go from 0 to 60 mph in about 5 seconds, but recent test drives suggest even 4.5 seconds is possible.

Having one of the best front suspensions and technologically advanced steering systems, you can ride it at its top speed of 150 mph with relative ease.


The fantastic interior features you’ll love about G-wagon Rental Miami are the facilities of electronically controlled inclination and tilt sensors, water-fording sensors that close the lower side of the engine in case you’re on a puddly road, and its 360-degree wide-angle cameras. The exceptional cameras also assist front and rear parking sensors. On top of that, you’ll absolutely treasure the voice-recognition system of G-wagon that allows you to effortlessly direct commands as and when you see fit.

To further your convenience, this beast by Mercedes has replaced the hydraulic power steering seen in previous G-class models with a smoother, electromechanically controlled steering wheel. This means the low-speed and short driving maneuvers like parking are a cakewalk if you’re driving a G-Wagon.

As you step inside this classic and staggering rental car, you’ll be pleased by its comfortable seats. Aside from that, G-Wagon has countless other intensifications, more modern design specifications, and features.


This robust car has exposed hinges and durable handles. The doors of the Mercedes G63 are sturdy with distinctly audible locking mechanisms.

It has a ladder frame chassis, with two elongated and heavy beams supported by two shorter-sized beams.

The firm rear axle and remarkable ground clearance enable this rental SUV to handle even the bumpiest streets without breaking a sweat. Beyond any scope of doubt, you’ll feel safe and secure inside this beast of a car.

Its enlarged air inlets, widened fenders, brake calipers with stable rotors, round L.E.D. the daytime light mechanism, plentiful AMG, and V8 badges, and flashed side-exit exhaust points skyrocket the quality of its already spectacular specifications.

Other aspects of G-Wagon’s exterior design retain most of the Mercedes G-Class’s original appearances, although with intelligent modifications to suit this car the best.


If you’re someone looking to absolutely make a statement on the road and enjoy riding a fierce, yet safe and reliable Luxury SUV G-Wagon would prove to be the car of your dreams.

Let yourself have the experience of the elegance that comes with the Mercedes Benz G63 and we promise you’ll cherish each moment spent riding and driving it, rent one today.


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