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(4.0L, V8)


mph club has got your back if you’re looking to hire the most privileged class Mercedes Benz GT Roadster Convertible in Miami.

To relish an open-top ride in enchantingly gratifying weather, Miami is the place to be and our Mercedes Benz AMG GT Roadster is the vehicle to joyride in!

There’s only one way to make this reinvention of an unadulterated sports car even purer: Open it up wide! With the Mercedes AMG GT Roadster for rent, you can experience the hand-wrought performance crafted for any track in a soft top!

Mph club’s Mercedes Benz Convertible GT Roadster is aimed to perform and originated to outperform. The state-of-the-art Mercedes engine starts as smoothly as smoothly goes. Everything from the exhaust routing to the fuel pressure system is developed to strengthen, stimulate, and intensify the engine’s response — and yours too!

From patented aerodynamic processes to lessen friction to a modern generation of electrifying performance units, Mercedes AMG technology utilized in this automobile fuels its racing authority. The handcrafted, front-mounted V8 4.0L dry-sump engine unchains a torque-rich rumble. The twin turbos positioned inside the hot V compress the air to force-feed a colossal boost to each unswervingly injected cylinder, to unleash the 523 HP Mercedes GT Convertible to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds!

Dominated by forged aluminum, the 4-wheel double wishbone suspension of our Mercedes Benz rental makes the car stick to the road. Added to that, the eminent coil-overs at the posterior are hub-mounted for absolute precision.

Gray Mercedes Benz GT Convertible rental side view mph club
Gray Mercedes Benz GT Convertible rental rear view mph club
Gray Mercedes Benz GT Convertible rental dashboard view mph club
Gray Mercedes Benz GT Convertible rental interior view mph club

193 mph

18 city / 29 hwy

7-speed Automatic

2 seater


Whether you’re driving with the top up or down, the roadster delivers more body motion than the coupe. The AMG GT  Roadster Rental is easy to drive, showing an immense amount of grip on the corners.

Gray Mercedes Benz GT Convertible rental mph club


The high-performance ride control system’s active rear-axle steering with 3-level damping helps make maneuvering at corners a cakewalk. Aside from that, the Dynamic Select feature allows you to dial in the gas, shifting, exhaust, chassis, and more to slash through the winds with aero-dynamism.

The Sculpted Mercedes Benz AMG GT Roadster Convertible rental is equipped to embrace driving to the fullest. Its premium seats combine lasting comfort with imposing support. Execution controls fall promptly to hand, with colored buttons organized in a V on the wide and kicky console.

An extensive variety of cabin choices and screen styling packages let you make a compelling personal statement every time you get behind the wheel.

A greatly responding console middleware and a revealing 10.25-inch central screen offer navigation and entertainment features, as well as several apps with intuitive menus and animated displays. The digital apparatuses deliver multiple gauge schemes and designs and dedicated readouts of speed, oil temperature, turbo boost, and gear selection.


Coming to the steering wheel, it is wholly wrapped in stable Dinamica microsuede, which accounts for firm handling that assists in precise approach in fancy directional turns and maneuvers.

The Attention Assist feature equipped in the interior of this masterful automobile can help boost up a drowsy driver. The proactive radar-based Active Brake Assist feature can aid you to evade some frontal impacts, and may even initiate braking.

The protective front and rearview cams, Blind Spot Assist, and Parktronic help smoothen out your moves right from the driveways to the motorways.


To sharpen the GT Roadster Convertible rental on-demand, the Track Package flaunts its muscle with no bounds right as you hit the throttle. The vigorous engine and transaxle mounts use an electromagnetic liquid that thickens progressively, to keep the handling accurate during sporty moves.

Fierce in every action but balanced on every axis; the 7-speed, multiple mode-supported transaxles of this exemplar automobile is rear-mounted and ideal to create a perfect 46:54 front/rear balance.

With shifts that execute in a flash, precise torque vectoring, and a limited-slip differential — get ready to untether sheer power!


Mph club’s Mercedes GT Roadster Convertible Rental is engineered for less weight but high durability, as articulated by its fused polymer and carbon-fiber deck lid and aluminum spaceframe.

This Convertible Roadster rental is built to maximize the functioning of velocity execution mechanisms by minimizing mass. Its surface technology reacts accordingly, from an air-resistant frame for a lower impedance in any running gear to advanced outlying tech that keeps the center of gravity of this vehicle close to the road — everything keeps you connected and in control.

Top up or down, this convertible rental is chiseled to harness the wind. The long-hood dimensions signify the purity of a roadster with evidence of tenacity. From the active rear spoiler to the vertical bar grille, the airflow over, under, and into the body of this car is put to action with imperative brilliance. Every element of the mph club’s Mercedes GT Convertible rental contributes to performance and intrigues to unleash.

What’s more, this convertible rental is pitched to transform and transcend. It takes less than 11 seconds to modify the mph club’s Mercedes GT Convertible Roadster from a private, closed, and composed coupe to an out-and-out open-air formidable sports car! The soft top can be powered up or down even at speeds of up to 32 miles per hour! On top of that, a transparent wind deflector assists in keeping the open cabin stable.

Thanks to the intelligent mix of materials, this vehicle’s spaceframe delivers high torsional and longitudinal tautness with exceptionally low load. Engineered from its origin as a roadster, there’s no weight forfeit over the convertible coupe. Aluminum accounts for about 98% of the frame and the body by mass, along with carbon fiber, magnesium, and excellent polymers that fork over aerodynamic excellence.


Our rental Mercedes GT Roadster Convertible is a splendid choice for the ones who treasure unsurpassed quality and elegant design. You can enjoy its soft-top spins as part of a carefree or adventure-filled trip.

Besides, the fervent roar of its bewildering V8 engine is remarkable enough to let you know that Mercedes endeavors to advance its models with each release, and their newest convertible undoubtedly is one of the finest and choicest convertible cars ever manufactured.

With this gem of a car now available at the mph club for hire, what are you waiting for?

You’re simply one click away from encountering the ride of your dreams in reality under the ever-radiant Florida sun!


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