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Starting At:


100 miles per day included,

$3 per additional mile,

Security deposit required.

1 Rental Day = 24 hours




(4.0L, V8)


Are you planning to drive in a Mercedes Benz AMG GTS rental, the name of one of the most luxury and convertible car brands? It is a combination of convertible and roadster. No doubt, Mercedes has always proved its name in the era. It’s not only limited to performance but from its interior to exterior, and specs to features are all amazing. 

The more the latest version of the Mercedes, the more awe-inspiring features we can see in it. What a fabulous idea, when you rent a Mercedes Benz GTS and you start driving and realize that you are not going to want to return this beautiful Mercedes Benz rental. The GTS rental is everything you need to attend a special event, marriage, or a party, This rental fits in all and leaves you a long-lasting impression. There is no better way to expose your personality when you are driving in one of the best convertible rentals. 

The German car brand has tried to give you the most stunning piece with its precision engineering and high-end aesthetic. So, are you ready to drive most smoothly with style? Ok, then come to mph club where you have the opportunity to rent a Mercedes Benz GTS and take it wherever you want.

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193 mph

18 city / 29 hwy

7-speed Automatic

2 seater

Did you know?

With the Mercedes AMG GTS rental the following AMG DYNAMIC SELECT transmission modes are available:

  • “Comfort”
  • “Sport”
  • “Sport +”
  • “RACE” (GT S only)
Yellow Mercedes Benz GTS rental mph club


Usually, the drivers compare the quality of the ride with the interior of how they travel. The top priority mission of the Mercedes Benz GTS rental is to inspire the riders to get the most amazing experience while driving this car. That’s why during its construction much focus was inserted on the beauty and top-quality of its interior.

Rent a Mercedes AMG GTS now to get a most memorable journey when you drive to your destination and get there in style. 

Imagine your journey with your soulmate in this car. The luxurious and comfort-giving front seats will make you feel pleasant and cozy throughout the whole journey.

The car is perfect to drive around the city, or for taking a long road trip, you will enjoy all the luxury and commodity this rental can offer.


For the entertainment purpose, a CDplayer, Smart Device Integration, Premium Sound System, MP3Player, Harddisk Drive, and Satellite Radio is available for you. For your convenience and ease, an Alarm and Back-Up-Camera are also available. For connections, Navigation System, Wireless Cell Phone Hookup, an Onboard Hands-Free Communications System are provided. When you Ride in the Mercedes GTS rental, its stylish and marvelous interior will give you the feeling as you are getting a ride in a high-quality private jet.

Rent a Mercedes Benz in Miami now from mph club to get a most-memorable journey and to get the most excellent experience of your life.


The beauty of the Mercedes Benz GTS rental is not only limited to its interior. The exterior of a car is most-important in deciding the personality of a car. Mercedes Benz GTS didn’t compromise on its exterior. That’s why during its construction, along with the interior, much of the cost was spent to use high-quality and most unique material on it. When the car is moved outside, the awe-inspiring and powerful tires get a strong grip on the road. It inspires every person from which it passes. The Wheelbase is 103.5 inches and is 179 in overall length.

The car is available in different colors. You can choose your own choice from them. It features a sunroof which is a moveable panel due to which you can uncover the window in the automobile roof. This is a good option to allow air to enter and move outside to get such a pleasant feeling.

So, are you ready to enjoy a ride under an alluring beautiful roof? Don’t worry. You have an option to get the joy of a prepossessing ride. Contact us now. We will be pleased to serve you.


Some drivers highly consider the performance of a means before taking a decision to get a ride in it. Be satisfied with the performance of the Mercedes GTS rental as the high-quality engine has been used to get an outstanding result. It can reach 0-60 in 3.7s.

The 4.0L, V8 engine works efficiently to output of 384 kW (522 PS; 515 hp) and 671 N⋅m (495 lb-ft) of torque. It can boost the top speed is 193 mph. It attains the accurate and efficient working mods including pistons(8.5 compressions) stock 10.5. It boosts the Turbocharger ( 2.1Bar boost ) performing a significant role in giving an outstanding ride. For the security and safety of riders, some material is present in the car including a passenger Airbag, front side airbag, and front head airbag. Brake Assist, Integrated Turn Signal Mirrors, Electronic Stability Control, and Daytime Running Lights are also present.


The latest models of Mercedes Benz are always trying to push your dreams. Our Mercedes convertible rental service will push your dreamy rides in the palm of your hand. Come and enjoy the rental exotic car service of Mercedes Benz GTS as we are continually striving to cover miles with outstanding car performance. Our team is well trained and professional to provide you with friendly service. Don’t miss the opportunity when you have the golden chance of renting your favorite luxury or exotic car without the hassle.

Our services are simple and most warm for our customers to come up to their expectations. mph club has smarter and faster services for you. If you feel any query or problems regarding our services then you will contact or by e-mail with our 24/7 services. Our all cars are Well maintained and in perfect condition, so you don’t worry. Get a thrill of drive-by Mercedes Benz rental from mph club.

So, are you ready to take a ride with premium experiences? When you take the experience of mph club of a rental company it will be definitely a good deal. Rent a Mercedes Benz GTS and hit the roads and get out of the city with an amazing charm.


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