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100 miles per day included,

$3 per additional mile,

Security deposit required.

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As the combination of performance stamina and compelling verve, Taycan is not only the most engaging electric vehicle on the market, but it also is a flawless one. And, mph club immensely treasures its new Porsche Taycan rental!

With a flamboyant appearance as well as a tech-heavy and exceptional interior, our Porsche Taycan rental Miami lives up to the rep of its brand. Thanks to its refined ride quality, lively steering, and forbearing composure, The Taycan doesn’t fail to remind you that you are driving a Porsche, overwhelming you with class and dynamism. Stomping on its gas pedal is like firing a missile, except that you can do it any number of times.

Unquestionably, our Taycan rental Miami is the most thrilling EV Rental on the planet. 

Porsche Taycan is a technological marvel, and its dual electric motors are the groundbreaking core. Producing separate outputs of 562 HP with the bigger battery and 522 with the smaller, one of its motors powers the rear wheels, and the other powers the ones at the front — an artful blend of symmetry and efficiency — unmistakably German!

In addition, the mph club’s Porsche Taycan rental Miami has an ingenious two-speed transmission system that provides an exhilarating shift during hard acceleration — credits to which, this Porsche offers an impressively prompt speedup that allows it to hit 60 mph from 0 in just 3.4 seconds!

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161 mph

227 miles w/ full charge

2-speed Automatic

4 seater

Did you know?

Porsche Taycan Rental is the first-ever electric sports car that offers a two-speed transmission, which means that the vehicle can run at the highest possible speed in first gear and need not shift a gear up for the most top speed. Usually, the first gear runs at low speed while the second gear is to reach the maximum speed.

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It simply flings itself at the horizon, barely making any noise at all. Offering a quintessential Porsche experience on the road, it displays firmness but not overly so. Maneuvering it is sublime, and you’d anticipate a car with so much might to feel like a handful, but this Taycan rental Miami beautifully manages to transfer all of its vigors to the road in quite a well-ordered fashion.

Its fierce acceleration, precise steering, as well as low-slung riding poise and point-and-shoot handling are all the attributes that make this Porsche Taycan rental special among EVs. And on top of everything, it’s tremendously comfortable.


Inside the ritzy Taycan is a tech-loaded environment. The design is exquisitely well-defined and traditional Porsche, which is exceedingly pleasing to all the senses. The seats are supportive in all the right places, the build quality is magnificent, and you get a plentiful helping of standard features.

Besides, the interior of our Porsche Taycan rental Miami is nearly fully digital. The only conventional buttons are the ones placed on the steering wheel. There are two pristinely clear screens located at the center console — the screen at the top takes care of all the infotainment, while the one at the bottom deals with the interior’s climate control. In addition, Porsche has meticulously sculpted a block of space into the battery under the floor — something the brand calls the “foot garage,” which helps you ease your feet and prevent soreness on long rides.

This Taycan rental Miami has a usual 2+2 layout, and it does a great job of feeling sporty even when it is rooted to the spot, not moving a muscle. The front seats are mounted impressively, and legroom is pretty generous even for tall adults.


The mph club’s Taycan rental Miami is furnished with notable safety and driver-assistance features that include a whopping 10 airbags, including side airbags for all the occupants and knee airbags for the ones in front, automated emergency braking, cruise control, Porsche Traction Management, and forward-collision warning as well as lane-departure warning and of course, the invaluable lane-keeping assist.


The exterior designs of Porsche are nothing short of iconic. The 911, for instance, is probably one of the most recognizable cars — one that you may be able to identify just by looking at an outline sketch. With Porsche Taycan being the automaker’s first EV, it had to do something unique while still staying true to its design DNA. And unquestionably, the designers have managed to pull it off! The Porsche Taycan rental looks like a completely new performance machine, yet is still intrinsically very Porsche.

It has a wide stance, sits low to the ground, and the gorgeous LED headlights have Porsche’s characteristic daytime running lights. At the back, there’s a sleek light strip that divinely merges into the Porsche logo. The rear shoulders make a powerful statement as well, while the absence of an exhaust pipe looks unique on the Porsche Taycan rental, given that it has such an aggressive exterior styling.

Dimensionally, the Taycan has a wheelbase of 114.2 inches, and is about 195.4 inches long with a width of 77.5 inches. With its considerable proportions, the Porsche Taycan rental certainly is a hefty beast but thanks to the impressive torque vectoring and rear-axle steering features, it manages to drive incredibly light-footed.


Whether you like it or not, the times are changing. Electric cars are coming — and they’re here to stay. Moreover, as evident by the Porsche Taycan rental Miami, the Germans are holding nothing back about embracing electricity.

With an electrifying heart that generates staggering horsepower figures, the Taycan has set the bar exceedingly high in the EV auto section — a segment not easy to compete in!

It is pure ingenious madness how the Taycan achieves such a ferocious performance with a curb weight of 4949 lbs, but it does so effortlessly and wears the crown of the most complete EV on the planet. This Taycan rental is a proper Porsche — great to drive, stupendously fast, quick to charge, and has enough practicality to be driven every day.

This definitive masterpiece of a car is proof that gearheads need not fear the future. The Taycan can absolutely entertain on any road and is a pleasure to cruise in — a GT with the spirit of a sports car. And more notably, nothing holds a candle to its quality and ride mechanics.

So, what are you waiting for? Book the Porsche Taycan rental in Miami today at, and feel the thrill of shocking acceleration and sweet handling rolled into one.


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