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(4.0L, V8)


Could it be that Lamborghini has made the ultimate SUV? The Urus is sleek, stylish, fast, and luxurious.

By renting the Lamborghini Urus, you can admire what the Italians have achieved with the super SUV. They have successfully beaten physics into a pulp using a masterful blend of the latest technology and aerodynamic appeal.

Besides, the way Urus tears up a racetrack is something to be experienced at least once in your life. It is not subtle or playful; it is brutally effective in a way that throws your mind in disbelief. Further, it has actual space inside, and the fact that it can be your everyday driving car with ease is simply marvelous.

The Urus gets powered by a twin-turbo V8 that makes a mammoth 641 HP, deeply whizzes when idling, and sweepingly howls under full throttle! With permanent all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission, you can take charge of enormous power to enable unimaginable acceleration!

By renting a Urus in Miami from mph club, you can rocket to 62 mph from a standing start in just 3.1 seconds, and not only that, hitting the 120 mph mark in 11 seconds flat would be a cakewalk. Additionally, you get a top speed of 190 mph. What the Urus lacks in revs, it makes up for in mind-bending torque that always sits right at your disposal, available to be unleashed anytime you need it.

Purple Lamborghini Urus rental side view mph club
Purple Lamborghini Urus rental rear view mph club
Purple Lamborghini Urus rental dashboard view mph club
Purple Lamborghini Urus rental interior view mph club

205 mph

12 city / 17 hwy

8-speed Auto

5 seater


Every Urus comes with voguish connectivity and infotainment features. Renting Lamborghini Urus Miami, you get two touchscreens built into the center stack, a fully digital gauge cluster, and an explosive audio system. The screens have stunning graphics and user-friendly icons, which are as easy-to-use as traditional buttons.

Purple Lamborghini Urus rental mph club


Hit the throttle and see how the twin-turbo V8 can completely overpower the inertia of nearly 5,000 lbs without a hitch. The hot-vee configuration of the turbos diminishes turbo-lag almost entirely. A burly soundtrack and immediate throttle responses make even the V8 appear worthy of the Lamborghini badge.

The Urus feels lightning-quick and agile from behind the wheel, too, with stable high-speed cornering and responsive steering. With air springs at all four corners, Renting Lamborghini Urus Miami, you get adjustable ride heights based on its various drive modes. And lastly, the standard carbon-ceramic brakes ensure that your Urus stops as eminently as it goes — braking from 70 mph to a stop in under 150 feet!


What can one speak about the exterior design of the Urus other than simply: Wow? Combining the signature angular lines of Lamborghini with just a few coupe-like curves, the Urus is alluringly mind-bending to behold! The sloping roofline and rear-end design add a modern sense of metropolitan sheen to it, making renting a Urus in Miami from us an easy choice!

You also get 23-inch wheels that aesthetically connect with the black detailing on the exterior, giving you an exquisite juxtaposition that intensifies the glamour and grandeur of the Urus.

Undeniably, the Urus is a spectacle on the roads, not just due to the drop-dead gorgeous Lamborghini badges and LED headlights having a Y-shaped silhouette, but also because of the exquisite four quad mortar pipes that explore their way out of the rear-end.

It is an SUV that leaves you wanting nothing more! It embodies nothing but the ultimate super SUV driving experience. While other top-end luxurious automotive brands are just playing with SUVs, Lamborghini appears to be taking the task at hand beyond seriously. The exterior beauty, elegance, and aerodynamics of the Urus are nothing short of a masterpiece!


Fitting five people into a Lamborghini was unimaginable before the Urus. It is a new breed of supercars. One that can haul families and their stuff to school as conveniently as it can on off-road adventures!

Renting Lamborghini Urus and stepping inside, you will find yourself enticed by a hypnotic cabin that’s classic Lambo. With a start button lurking beneath a red flip cover and a shifter that looks like a jet’s throttle, its interior thrives with fighter-plane cues.


In addition, to the left, you will find levers that allow customized performance settings and control the drive modes. There is an abundance of carbon-fiber and faux-suede trim inside, while the infotainment system appears straight out of a world-class German auto. About roominess, rear seats have excellent passenger space and can easily fit between two to three people comfortably. The bin behind the floating center stack is helpful, and the cubby storage highlighted by door pockets is invaluable!

Are you looking for something with a design that reminds you of the legendary wedge-shaped supercars but can also carry a family of four? There is only one option: the Urus. The exotic-automakers at Lamborghini introduced the Urus as their first SUV for 2019, and it became their best-seller lightning-quick.

With Urus, finding that ultimate connection with the car is a cakewalk. It is an engineering achievement to be applauded, and you will enjoy each second spent inside it.


So, keep your head up in the phenomenal city of Miami as you arrive in the Urus to indulge in the joy of beautiful beaches, savory seafood, and a wild party scene! After all, Miami prides itself on having an ever-increasing collection of things to do. There will always be more new and exciting places to visit!

And, when whisking the family away on a road trip to Miami, it pays to have the luxury of an SUV. Renting Lamborghini Urus SUV from the mph club allows plenty of space and an exhilarating ride experience.


At the mph club, we are committed to providing you with the best VIP rental experience in Miami! Make a reservation with us today; we would love to have the chance to offer you an eminent car from our exotic rental fleet to cruise around in this Magic City!


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