Starting At:


100 miles per day included,

$5 per additional mile,

Security deposit required.




(6.6L V12)


Rolls Royce Dawn

One of the most anticipated additions to our luxury fleet is now available for luxury car rental in Miami. Introducing the Rolls-Royce Dawn, known to some as the convertible version to the luxurious Wraith coupe, is here to set the new standard in elegance and sophistication with a sporty edge that is sure to please. What will be considered as the new inspiration for all cabriolet’s to follow, the Dawn demonstrates characteristics that will be sure to raise the bar in sport-luxury design. The classic soft top cloth roof will open up new possibilities for those looking to make a statement and enjoy all the surroundings South Florida has to offer. With comfortable seating for four encompassed in a package of the finest materials and craftsmanship available, it will be sure to deliver an experience unlike any other.

The 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged V-12 engine producing 624 horsepower is sure to ignite all of your driving passions while remaining as smooth and poised as possible. The Rolls-Royce Dawn’s historical reference to the iconic ‘Silver Dawn’ helps to carry on the legacy only to be described as the most renowned super-luxury brand for the wealthy social elite. It has now become the sixth addition to an otherwise legendary fleet of cars joining and exceeding the ranks of the Phantom, Drophead, Ghost and Wraith.

The signature styling can only be described as compelling and bold in every way with an emphasis on enhancing a Miami lifestyle that only few get to experience first-hand. If there was ever a Rolls-Royce to experience in Miami then this is the version that will be sure to please. Our Rolls Royce Dawn Rental Miami provides clients with the premium luxury they know to expect with an added bonus of experiencing the freedom of the open road in true class and sophistication. Now is the time to have the experience of a lifetime with mph Club and step into the ‘dawn’ of something truly remarkable.

Grey Rolls Royce Dawn and white Rolls Royce Dawn rental mph club
Grey Rolls Royce Dawn rental birds eye view mph club
Grey Rolls Royce Dawn rental interior mph club
Grey Rolls Royce Dawn and white Rolls Royce Dawn rental at the SLS hotel mph club

8 speed shiftable auto

190 mph
4.3s (0-60)

13 city / 21 hwy

4 seater

190 mph

13 city / 21 hwy

8 speed shiftable auto

4 seater