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Grey Rolls Royce Ghost rental Miami profile view mph club

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100 miles per day included,

$7 per additional mile,

Security deposit required.

1 Rental Day = 24 hours




(6.7L, V12)


Ghost. It’s a fitting name for a Rolls Royce model that sits neither fully in the present nor the future.

Driving a Goodwood Original certainly radiates an imposing vibe. It not only signifies that you have elegant taste when it comes to automobiles, but also that you don’t make compromises. The mph club’s Rolls Royce Ghost rental Miami lives up to that uncompromising luxury ethos and mixes in a few pleasant surprises along the way!

The Ghost shares its platform with both: the marque flagship Phantom and the ultra-luxury SUV Cullinan, which allows it to provide an unmatched ride quality that’s on par with the best exotic vehicles any brand has to offer. Furthermore, a sleek and whisper-quiet V-12 engine provides limitless power, and embellished with only the finest leathers, fabrics, woods, and metals, the cabin of our Ghost for rent Miami serves as a magnificent oasis from the stringencies of the world.

The Ghost rental Miami will leave you wanting to rent it for more days after you drive it.

If you rent a Rolls Royce Ghost in Miami, likely, you won’t dwell on quantifiable performance. After all, this British extravagance is known for its luxury. However, if you were to assess this car’s potential in scrutinizing objective terms, you’d find it to be an incredibly quick limousine! It liberates 563 HP and 575 lb-ft of torque from its 6.75-liter V12 engine pretty flawlessly!

An eight-speed automatic transmission handles the Ghost’s shifting responsibilities, and there’s an all-wheel-drive system for better handling dynamics. Pairing its power and handling together, the Ghost is capable of hitting 60 mph from a standing start in just 4.6 seconds — unseen figures for an exotic car known for its luxury!

Grey Rolls Royce Ghost rental Miami rear view mph club
Grey Rolls Royce Ghost rental Miami Rolling view mph club
Grey Rolls Royce Ghost rental Miami dashboard view mph club
Grey Rolls Royce Ghost rental Miami interior view mph club

155 mph

13 city / 21 hwy

8 speed auto

5 seater


The constellation of each Starlight Headliner in a Ghost Rental Miami is completely unique. Usually, it takes nine hours to put it together, but a personalized pattern needs its own template, which can take more than 17 hours to complete.

Grey Rolls Royce Ghost rental miami mph club


To add, the wheelbase of the Ghost is so long that the V12 can wholly sit behind the front axle, giving the car extraordinarily good weight distribution — a perfect 50:50 split! And, when you combine that with its air springs and eloquent suspension architecture, the result is palpable composure and balance, along with dramatic power.

The gearing, on top of everything, is splendid and never feels unenergetic. All in all, the mph club’s Rolls Royce Ghost for rent Miami is an exceedingly wonderful motorcar set-up and its uniform weighting — which would cause serious concerns in any other exotic car — suits the Ghost’s character beautifully.


The Ghost is a Rolls Royce, so for just about everyone, renting it is not about the most delinquent engineering or the most sporty exterior design. The real experience is all inside, and it’s rather remarkable. Just like the cockpit of a typical Rolls Royce, the cabin of the mph club’s Ghost rental Miami is opulent, with every surface, switch, knob, and lever crafted from elegant materials. The dashboard debuts a starlit panel, which in itself is something of an engineering accomplishment.

Coming to the roominess you get inside the Ghost, let’s just say this automotive wonder is immensely spacious. Head and shoulder rooms are plentiful, the upright driving position is supremely comfortable, and the Ghost’s high hip point presents an authoritative view out over its graceful hood. You also get the singular sense that the controls are outfitted in a way that minimizes the effort required to reach them, and every surface, switch, and stalk feels exquisitely delicate yet reassuringly robust.

Coming to the rear passenger experience, they can just let their feet snuggle into the thick lambswool carpets while sinking into the hand-stitched leather seats, and let their stresses fade away. Moreover, tables glide down from the back of the front seats at just the slight push of a button, and so does an eminent touchscreen entertainment system.

Speaking of entertainment, the audio system in the mph club’s Ghost rental Miami is beyond excellent. Speakers can be found beneath the seats and also at the roof lining, effectively giving a whole new meaning to surround sound.

All in all, inside the Ghost you’re treated with peerless luxury and magical ambiance!


The Ghost wears its immense size with tremendous subtlety. It looks conspicuously extravagant — anything with a Flying Lady statuette at its hood is bound to look elegant — but its shorter frontal area and slick, unfaltering bodywork combine to lend it a palpable level of visual refinement.

The aesthetically-pleasing curves in the valance and bumper all create an emotion of symmetry, with what Rolls Royce’s Head of Exterior Design describes as a “friendly smile.” The beltline across the doors and the waft line that spans lower down the body of the mph club’s Ghost for rent Miami are exquisitely and meticulously designed to make the car look like it is gliding across the road.

At the back, the taillights pose gracefully within a clean piece of aluminum structure, displaying the epitome of exterior engineering that puts any other luxury car in the world to shame. By and large, it has plenty of presence on the road that mesmerizes the eye of any beholder!


The Ghost is a wonderfully serene car. This outstanding vehicle makes any trip an unmistakable delight, and is a superb company, whether you find yourself up front in the commanding lodge enjoyed by the driver, or in the magnific expanse of the cabin’s rear seats.

The Ghost is breathtakingly gratifying and easy to drive; it’s the longest luxury vehicle in its class yet is still amazingly manageable in the real world, just as Goodwood planned. Another thing Rolls Royce deserves credit for is its endeavor to tone down the car’s flashiness while retaining its sense of dominant stature with just the right amount of fancy — all in all, glorious!

And, as the quintessence of luxury itself, the mph club’s Ghost rental Miami leaves an extraordinary impression wherever it goes, and is a prominent masterstroke of engineering when it comes to the driving experience, quality of materials, and technology equipped.

So, what are you waiting for? Rent a Rolls Royce Ghost in Miami today at mph club, and shut the world away with its luxurious ambiance!


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