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(6.75L, V12)


A car like the Rolls Royce Phantom for rent in Miami, with its illustrious history and legendary heritage, brings to mind many thoughts and emotions. Often seen as the pinnacle of luxury, the last word in refinement and engineering. With the Phantom nameplate going back all the way to 1925 and the Rolls Royce mark going back even further, its easy to see why the name is synonymous with extravagance and indulgence and has been for nearly a century. The Rolls Royce Phantom Rental Miami doesn’t just live up to this legacy, it expands upon it with the newest edition being the most luxurious and at the same time, the most technologically advanced model to date.

With standard features you’ll only find on a Rolls Royce, such as rear-hinged coach doors and wheel emblems that remain upright despite the orientation of the wheel, the engineers have left no stone unturned. However, the amenities do not stop at novelty, the Phantom comes standard 6.75 Liter V12 engine paired with an eight speed automatic transmission. With this combination, the car is able to accelerate its aluminum body from a standstill to 62mph in just over five seconds.

A car such as the Rolls Royce Phantom is a car built for its passengers as much as it is for chauffeurs, and with the simplified seat design and improved audio and video communications, the features are more intuitive than ever before. While mph club insists our customers do not distract themselves while at the wheel, we offer chauffeur services for all of our high-end luxury cars including the Phantom. 

White Rolls Royce Phantom rental side view mph club
White Rolls Royce Phantom rental rear view mph club
White Rolls Royce Phantom rental dashboard view mph club
White Rolls Royce Phantom rental interior view mph club

155 mph

11 city / 19 hwy

8 speed auto

5 seater


Rolls-Royce takes great pride in the umbrellas it hides in its cars, they called them a “hallmark” feature of its lineup. The majestic carbon-fiber rain deflection devices slot right into the doors.

A push of a button pops the umbrella out of the side door with drainage points for the rainwater and warm air pumps inside that dry the wet umbrella before its owner needs to use it again.

White Rolls Royce Phantom rental mph club


For those who like a sense of control. we have daily and weekly rental options available in addition to our chauffeur services. So whether you’re Jason Statham or the Duke of Wellington, mph club can get you into a Rolls Royce Phantom Rental Miami at your earliest convenience.


The Rolls-Royce Phantom Miami interior is too impressive and captivating for the riders due to the high-quality and unique material. In the most simple terms, it is the domain of both the pin drop and bass drop. Custom-artwork dash in the interior is so appealing in its personality, increasing the value of a car. Every square inch of the cabin is made of vast expanses of supple leather,  luxurious wood, and real metal accents.

Passengers in the rear seat are blessed with a high level of luxury and comfort due to power-adjustable seats with massage, a champagne chiller console compartment, and deep-pile carpeted floor mats. Rent a Rolls-Royce now if you want to get a high level of joy from its technology game. The access to the navigation system and car’s audio is due to the touch-screens of the car that motor down from the front seats back. You will claim that this car is one of the most valuable and excellent cars for rent you can get, it is a unique experience getting behind the wheel of the Rolls Royce Phantom.


The Phantom’s exterior is the one that makes the personality of the car, showing the remarkable and unmistakable Rolls Royce lines and exterior features that make this rental a beautiful piece of art. When it passes by, it grabs the attention of all people standing in its way. The car’s coach-style rear doors make it unique and most striking among the top cars in the world. Due to its exterior, the Rolls-Royce rentals confidently claims it as one of the world’s most expensive and outstanding cars.

Its performance predicates the quality of a car. The Phantom rental promises high-quality performance to its riders to get their appreciation and love. It’s enough to accelerate the Phantom from 0-60mph in 5.1 with a top speed of 155mph. The 6.8-liter twin-turbocharged V12 of a car gives rise to the 664 lb-ft of torque and 563 horsepower.


Rolls Royce has always proved to be the leading icon by its most exacting levels of craftsmanship and new artistry. No car can beat the luxury and performance the Phantom gives you.
Contact us now and rent your Rolls Royce Phantom with mph club. Our fleet of cars is available for enthusiasts to rock the Miami roads. Hurry up! Rent the Rolls Royce, and set on your journey to the luxury ways of life. The combo of comfort and safety with high performance is ready to restyle yourself. Your rental services will be safe and on-time.


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