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 Venue Rental Miami

mph club showroom can do more than shelter our extensive collection of luxury and exotic cars. Opening it to the public, we are now offering the exclusive use of our 7,711-square-foot event space for any project or event of your choosing. Located in Miami Gardens, our exotic-filled backdrop adds yet another to the list of attractive Miami venue options.

Venue Rental for Music Videos

As locals know, Miami is a hotbed for music videos. The steady sun and pristine landscapes make for endless eye candy. Add opulence with an exclusive car collection, and you have a recipe for any viral video. 

The team at mph club is not new to the cinematic industry. From Rick Ross and Taylor Swift to Ozuna and Anuell AA, our cars have been showcased throughout some of the hottest music videos. 

With our extensive facility showcasing everything from popular everyday exotics to hypercars like the Bugatti, this blank canvas is waiting to help display your creativity.

Venue Rental for Commercials and Film

Of course, the showroom’s versatility extends past music videos. The luxurious backdrop can also serve as an inventive place for commercials or other video projects. Florida, and particularly Miami, has been a prime location for videographers since the days of silent film. 

The team at mph club is vastly familiar with the film industry, renting our cars to production teams of all sizes. Our vehicles are showcased in movies, TV, commercials, music videos, and general real-world events. After filming in the facility, enhance your film with an exotic car rental.

Today, Miami is a top location for film production due to its beautiful views and people. Once finished with our facility, our team can consult on other great sites to film at. With years of experience providing top-tier service to our customers, it’s our duty to know the best spots for every occasion, both mainstream and hidden.


Venue Rental for Events

Thanks to the configurability and large size, our showroom can be an excellent Miami event venue space for your needs. Whether it’s a birthday bash or some other type of celebration, spice up the day with a collection of some of our most desirable cars.

  • Music events
    Miami’s music scene is one of the best in the country. If you are looking for a venue to host a musical event, our showroom can hold any high-energy crowd. After filming, throw a wrap-up party or a private concert. Our facility can house it all.
  • Corporate events
    Proper team-building exercises and incentives are a great way to increase your business’s productivity and morale. If you are looking for a place to hold a corporate event, our venue can be set up to your needs. Take advantage of our 16,000 sqft facility while rewarding employees with a private array of exotic cars.

If you are looking to shoot a music video, commercial, or simply want to hold an event, the mph club showroom can be the perfect Miami venue for you. Meeting the needs of most, we offer flexible per-hour rates for the use of our facilities. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact our team. As experts in luxury services, our team can go more in-depth about our offerings matching any desires you plan.



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