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Luxury and Exotic Car Rentals Wellington

The Village of Wellington is a lovely residential area, from apartments to estate homes, from town homes to the Aero Cub where the residents have airplane hangars attached to their homes. mph club® provides service for the Village of Wellington which includes some of the world’s premier equestrian facilities, horse farms, agriculture and nurseries. For a more relaxing and safe exotic car rental, mph club® recommends the Rolls-Royce Ghost which is known for reading the road surface texture and optimizing ride comfort.

Wellington is home to 29 neighborhood parks, a brand-new world-class shopping mall at Wellington Green, and a plethora of dining and shopping options. If you would rather enjoy the parks and malls and dining there is no better way to enjoy that then with an mph club® chauffeured exotic car ride. The Rolls-Royce Ghost is the perfect touch of sophistication and luxury to an already beautiful Wellington drive. It is the southern home of world-class polo and the International Polo Club Palm Beach, and the Winter Equestrian Festival, the world’s biggest horse show. So book a mph club® chauffeured ride and leave the driving to our professionals while you soak up all that Wellington has to offer.

Wellington’s vision balances a unique hometown, family atmosphere with an attractive natural environment and recreational, cultural, and educational activities with facilities for all ages. Navigate Wellington communities in Palm Beach County with a luxury car rental, or be chauffeured around in a Roll-Royce Ghost and view the scenic landscape known for its abundant parks, attractive neighborhoods and equestrian interests. The Wellington Community is a very family oriented place to drive around and explore with a variety of places to visit and enjoy.