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(6.3L V12)

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Top Gear magazine awarded the Ferrari F12 as “Supercar of the Year 2012’ and awarded “XXIII Premio Compasso d’oro”. Ferrari F12 or also known as the Ferrari F12berlinetta rental is no stranger to the admiration of car enthusiasts because of the Ferrari DNA it carries from the engine to the design. 

You can get a hold of this award-winning car here at mph club luxury and exotic car rental. 

Ferrari V12 engine is one of the most dominant engines of Ferrari. It produces 770 hp power/8,250 rpm and 690Nm torque/6,000 rpm, which can channel your inner racer even when road driving. Approved to navigate in normal roads, make sure to drive within the speed limit!
Ferrari F12 rental is designed to rule the roads with its speed. A combination of 12 or more aluminum alloy materials was used to create a design that is lighter and more compact by 70kg with its predecessor coupes but at the same time stable. 
The outer body is indeed visually pleasing and eye-catching, but it is not only designed to gratify the eyes. It is structured for the wind to perfectly traverse its curves. When the wind hits the anterior, it goes through the aerobridge that directs the pressure down so as not to limit the car’s speed. Wind crossing through the wheels is also moved to where it should flow through the blown spoiler. 
The coupe is designed for its body to be lower than Ferrari’s previous cars and with a flat underbody for air to go smoothly without dragging and slowing the car.  Ferrari F12 also has active brake cooling, which you can activate as additional ports if you want to drive faster. All these car architectures are done to make the Ferrari F12 the most remarkable car of its kind in terms of aerodynamics. 

With all these characteristics you are sure to accelerate at Ferrari F12’s promised 60 mph in 2.9 seconds and drive at a top speed of 211mph. 

Moving to the interior, Ferrari F12 offers comfort and safety to the driver, one passenger and your luggage. Buttons in the cockpit are inspired by how aero cockpits are designed with all buttons within the driver’s reach. You will surely feel safer with the F1 gearbox and danger buttons readily lighting to warn you of your car’s brake, engine and tire conditions. You will not get lost of the racing adrenaline rush as you will always be given a “slow down a bit” or “Stop!” call if you are going dangerously fast. 
After knowing that you are safe and sound even when driving at a fast speed, Ferrari F12 also offers you relaxation while driving with its smartphone connection capability, the APPS you can use for your convenience is limitless. Ferrari F12 offers more entertainment options inside the car to make your driving experience more fantastic. 

From the exterior to the interior, to the actual feel of driving the Ferrari F12—you will surely be left in awe!

Rent and feel the thrill of driving the Ferrari F12 here at mph club.  Contact us at 888-674-4044
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Ferrari F12 rental front view mph club
Ferrari F12 rental rear view mph club
Ferrari F12 rental interior mph club
Ferrari F12 rental and Ferrari 812 Superfast rental driving mph club

7 speed dual clutch auto / manual shifting mode

211 mph
2.9s (0-60)

11 city / 16 hwy

2 seater

211 mph

11 city / 16 hwy

7 speed dual-clutch auto / manual shifting mode

2 seater