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mph club exotic car rental is perfect for those who admire lavish and exotic vehicles. It continues to exist only for individuals who love leisure and luxury to fulfill their needs.  mph club is your best bet to find the newest and biggest collection of luxury and exotic supercars to rent not only in Miami or Orlando but in the entire US. We provide state of the art supercars and SUVs’ from the biggest car makers such as Lamborghini rentals, Ferrari rentals, McLaren rentals, Rolls Royce rentals, and many others (you can view our entire car collection on our website).

Some cars are just so recognizable. They don’t even bother having a badge on the front. And the Jeep Wrangler rentals is one of them. It’s an iconic sight on the road. It can take you to places other cars can’t reach and transforms into a convertible when the sun comes out. Rent a Jeep Wrangler from mph club exotic car rentals today!

Jeep is an American automotive brand, and the current Jeep lineup portfolio consists only of luxury and off-road SUVs. This vehicle is the great-grandson of the original Willis Jeep, and it has a Legion of fans. One thing those fans do not want is “change.” So it hasn’t changed a lot and has that same boxy shape, the industrial type feel. The flat wheel arches, the grill, the recognizable grille with seven slats along the much-loved round headlamps make it stand out.

160 mph

15 city / 18 hwy

6-speed Automatic

5 seater


Everybody loves convertibles, but many people don’t realize that every Jeep Wrangler SUV rental is also a convertible, This Jeep Wrangler rental is equipped with a foldable soft-top. Perhaps more notable, it’s one of the largest and most open-air convertibles you can rent.

Jeep Wrangler white rental mph club


Jeep always makes its fans smile as it did before, but this vehicle isn’t your average Wrangler. It’s the rougher, tougher Wrangler edition with tons of custom parts and with massive wheels that Jack you up above the rest of the world.

It has loads of off-road kick thrown at it and lots of little reminders that you’re driving a Jeep Wrangler. It sits at the top of the Wrangler range of the four-door. If you look closely, you’ll spy more modern led lights in the Jeep Wrangler sport rental.


The Jeep Wrangler rental is 73.6 inches in height and truly fits the definition of an off-roader, clearing the ground by 9.8 inches.  The SUV stretches 188.4 inches in length, with a wide cabin supported by a 118.4″ wheelbase. The Wrangler is 73.8 inches wide.

Moreover, the windscreen is tilted back a little to help the drag, but it’s not something to worry about as it can still be folded down for the ultimate Jeep driving experience. It’s true to the original in every way. Whenever someone looks at the Wrangler, one would think it’s been put together with a set of spanners and a few Allen keys. It’s got that kind of feel to it, and that really is a part of its charm.

The Wrangler rental is a perfect vehicle that’s a fit for anything. It’s rugged and practical. It feels like the kind of car you wouldn’t bother to clean your dirty boots off before jumping in. But once you step inside, there’s an entirely different feel.


Moving on to the Engine and Performance section, there’s a 2.0L turbocharged engine with a six-speed automatic gearbox. It feels lighter, and it’s more efficient than ever before. The 4×4 motor’s truly a beast, throwing 270 ponies with 260 pound-feet of torque. The Jeep Wrangler rental drives 15 miles per gallon in cities, whereas 18 miles on freeways, saving you loads of cash. It has got stacks and stacks of personality. The light steering comes in handy and does make it easy to maneuver whilst the reversing cameras help with the parking

The interior on the Jeep Wrangler rental is furnished with soft-touch materials. The little stitching and the use of color inside make it look perfect.

The Wrangler rental is a surprisingly practical car to rent, contact us to make your reservation today. Boot space is also really practical, especially if the car is taken on road trips and off-roading.

The bottom half swings open, which is really handy. Moreover, the seats fold completely flat for more space.

There is another storage compartment together within the boot. It has a little Jeep toolkit. And in that is everything you need to transform this because, of course, the doors can come off. The windscreen can dropdown. The roof can come off. It can be completely transformed. And once you’ve done it, you put all your screws and your bolts in the little storage compartments.


The driving experience on the Jeep Wrangler rental Miami is one of the most refined, as it works on the rough stuff. As for the axles, they’re more in the style of those you’ll find in a pickup. And of course, there are low ratio gears, locking diffs, and let’s not forget those massive tires. Moreover, there is a huge front sway bar that can be disconnected.

Jeep is glad to introduce its best safety features in the Wrangler.  ABS, stability and traction control, hill assist, a rigid body, and four airbags are provided. They also include blind-spot detection, rear cross-traffic warnings, parking sensors on the rear, forward collision warning, advanced brake assistance, and high-beam assist.

There are many cars in the markets that have quite as much charm and history as the Wrangler rental. Jeep Wrangler’s design standards and reliability boldly carry the symbol for excellent craftsmanship and innovation in a world of mass production. Jeep brings its 4×4 SUVs as one of the hardest and most modern in the world of advancements and mystique.

Rent your Jeep Wrangler from mph club today and go for an adventure in this amazing ride.


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