If you are in for some off road driving adventure or you simply want to try driving a fusion of classic and modern cars, mph club Jeep is the ride for you!

Jeep is a car brand that takes you back in time with its looks and its story. You sure know that Jeep has been a part of America’s success in World War II through the 1940s Willys Quad which transported patriotic soldiers both strong and wounded throughout the battles. After the war, it continued to play a vital role in the society when CJ-2A from Willys Overland were driven by millions of American farmers until 1945. 

While Jeep played a huge role in wars, battles and significant events in history, it also became a part of every American’s story when more citizen-friendly Jeeps were produced. Jumpstarting the trend of making the Jeep more civilian friendly is the CJ-5. 

Today, Jeep has the Wrangler which boasts its V6 engine that is 3.0L EcoDiesel. Its exterior poses the reminiscent old Jeep which is always ready for some heavy driving while its interior spells comfort because of the civilian friendly resources used. 

Jeep got its sturdiness from its older generations because it can stand the test of weather, bumpy roads and time. 

Jeep embodies strength, security and technology. Its technology does not only revolve on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but also through ProTech I, which detects blind spots of drivers and gives warning afterwards. Jeeps have the ability to take anyone through rough or easy roads rain or shine. 

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