Lamborghini Miami

Mph club provides all latest models in our fleet of exotic rental vehicles to Lamborghini Miami available 24/7/365. Lamborghini vehicles in Miami are a rare commodity, especially for those looking for the affluent lifestyle it encompasses.

Lamborghini started as an idea of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of Lamborghini in 1963. After serving as a mechanic in the Italian Air Force during World War II, he started a tractor company which would grow into a lucrative business. With the money he obtained, Lamborghini set out to create his own exotic car after Ferrari told him as a tractor maker, he knew nothin about sports cars.

Today, Lamborghini Miami, selling more than 2,580 cars in 2007, is one of THE most prestigious top selling exotic cars in the world. Ferruccio Lamborghini (1916 – 1993), the founder of the sports car brand, is regarded as being one of the great Italian entrepreneurial personalities of the 20th century and as a person with many facets: a man as fascinating as his cars.