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Lamborghini Urus suv Rental

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100 miles per day included,

$5 per additional mile,

Security deposit required.

1 Rental Day = 24 hours




(4.0L, V8)


Lamborghini is one of the most evocative and phenomenal auto manufacturers in the world. And it’s the firm that created what’s arguably considered the world’s first-ever supercar. Till now, Lamborghini rental hasn’t disappointed its customers. It strives to introduce state-of-the-art vehicles that rule the auto market.

Recently, Lamborghini stepped into the world of SUVs and launched the world’s first super SUV. Lamborghini Urus SUV rental is designed to have the design and performance of Lamborghini’s supercars and yet have the practicality and ease of use of an SUV, and now you can get your hands behind the wheel of the Urus SUV by renting it from mph club.

There are a lot of SUVs in the market. But with 641 horsepower and the arrogant styling, the Lamborghini Urus SUV rental is easily the mad uncle of the family. Let’s confront the elephant in the room here.

The Lambo SUV Urus rental, no doubt, is one of the most innovative cars to be driven. It’s the beginning of the modern supercar phase, and this new breed of combat bull is ready to go.

Orange Lamborghini Urus SUV rental side view - mph club
Orange Lamborghini Urus SUV rental rear view - mph club
Orange Lamborghini Urus SUV rental dashboard view - mph club
Orange Lamborghini Urus SUV rental interior view - mph club

205 mph

12 city / 17 hwy

8-speed Auto

5 seater


The Lamborghini Urus SUV rental has the biggest brake rotors ever to be used on a production car. The brakes are made of Carbon ceramics and they measure 17.3 inches up front and 14.6 inches in the rear.

Orange Lamborghini Urus SUV rental - mph club


The Lamborghini Urus SUV rental always gives a distinctive look when it’s on the roads. This is not due to its Y-shaped DRL’s or the Lamborghini’s special badge, but this due to the massive 21-inch alloy wheels. The Lamborghini name is embossed through on the rear, between the LED tail light clusters. Moreover, there are four quad mortar pipes, two from either side, of the aerodynamic rear slitter. Obviously, there are countless ways to tailor your Urus to the array of choices, including numerous blackouts and carbon fiber styling kits.


Lamborghini Urus SUV rental has created what is undoubtedly the most competent SUV the automotive market has ever witnessed, with a small negative effect on its ability to run as a daily driver. It indeed is one of the best SUVs in the world. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy road trips and vacations with your loved ones in Florida. mph club exotic car rental aims to provide its customers with exotic and luxurious cars.  So, don’t miss this moment, and rent your ideal car from mph club.

Although super-luxury SUVs are not typically categorized, the Urus is practically an SUV of medium size. The Urus rental has a wheelbase measuring 118.2 inches, whereas the total length is around 201.2 inches. The beast is 64.5 inches high, and 79.3 inches wide with the side mirrors included. The ground clearance varies due to the presence of air suspension. The suspension gives you an option to adjust the ground clearance between 6.2 and 9.8 inches. The large exterior mass is accompanied by a considerable weight of approximately 4,850 lbs.


This 4×4 rental monster by Lamborghini is operated by a twin-turbo V-8, which is powerful, burbling deeply and totally screaming in full throttle, producing 641 horsepower. This four-wheel-drive has an 8-speed automatic gearbox which uses its capability to accelerate phenomenally. The Urus climbs from idle to 60 mph in just three ticks. In addition, it reaches spontaneously to 121 mph in 11.3 seconds. The powerful Lambo’s engine easily reaches its top speed, which is around 190 miles per hour   The Urus SUV rental also sounds energetic with rapid steering and steadily steers at high-speed corners. The carbon-ceramic brakes have never disappointed and stop this monster at a minimal distance.

Upon pouring a gallon of gas, the V8 genie inside the Urus’s hood runs for 12 miles in cities, whereas  17 miles can be covered easily on highways/freeways.


The passengers are presented with a spectacular Lambo’s interior. From several angles, the interior resembles that of a fighter plane. There is the start button with a red toggle cover covering and the jet-like gear lever. The levers to the left of the shifter monitor different driving modes and enable adjustable output configurations. 

The interior of this SUV rental has plenty of carbon-fiber trim, and the infotainment is mainly inspired by Audi. The rear seats have sufficient room for travelers and can easily accommodate two or more individuals. The Urus provides a luggage space of up to 22 cubic feet.

The output is always a priority, but luxury cannot be kept apart as a Premium Sports Utility vehicle. Lamborghini is aware of this and has a variety of features in the Urus. The 18-way heated, ventilated, and massaging seats are included. In addition, there is a panoramic sunroof with roof rails. The package consists of ambient lighting and off-road mode, a hands-free head-up display, heated rear seating, a heated steering wheel, and a 360-degree camera.


The Lamborghini SUV rental comes with Auto LED headlights, 12-way power-adjustable front seats, rain-sensing wipers, handheld Wi-Fi hotspot, keyless entry, push-button ignition, HomeLink garage door opener, four-zone automatic voice-recognition climate control, cruise control, self-dimming rearview mirror, and a 12.3-inch display instrument cluster must not be forgotten. The Integrated Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) is also standard, which consists of front and rear parking sensors and a forward crash warning. Moreover, the gigantic beast also includes a camera with a top-view, active traffic assist,  cruise control, the detection of blind spots, and traffic sign recognition are also part of the Urus.

There is a touch screen on the dash which provides AM/FM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity. Apple CarPlay and Android auto are also compatible. Moreover, CD, DVD, AUX port connectivity, and navigation are also available. The large display on the infotainment system is crispy, and the system is user-friendly plus responsive. Apart from that, Voice commands, wireless smartphone charging, and rear-seat entertainment are also part of the Urus’s luxurious features. The sound system on the Urus is a true beast, consisting of a 21-channel Bang & Olufsen 3-D sound system.

This Lamborghini truck rental offers a vast array of safety features. Firstly, high-performance carbon-ceramic brakes with ten-piston calipers that weigh 17.4 inches up front help the massive beast decelerate within a few ticks. Six standard airbags keep drivers safe when engaged in an accident.


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