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12 passenger Mercedes Benz Limo VIP rental profile view mph club

Starting At:

$495 / hour

Price based per hour,

(Minimum 3 hours),

driver included.




(3.0L, V6)


Most passenger vans aren’t particularly reputable for their luxurious accommodation; usually, you get a basic set of seats, a few cupholders, and seatbelts. However, thanks to the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Party Bus rental, the automotive scene encompassing passenger vans has thoroughly progressed in recent years.

Now our customers have the opportunity to get the most out of a sublime ride in this luxury van with the mph club’s chauffeurs services!

In today’s world, people sitting in a lavish passenger van expect more than just the fundamentals. That is exactly why this Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo we offer is as successfully popular as it is: its interior is out of this world!

From the inside, the 12 Passenger Mercedes Benz Sprinter rental is one of the most elegant in its category and has a supreme interior ambiance that doesn’t seem to be lacking in any attribute you could think of.

There is a large sliding door on the passenger side to conveniently get in and out of the back of the Sprinter, The electric sliding door features a soft-closing function, delivering utmost serviceability.

The elevated step-in level allows you to get in and out of this van with ease. Moreover, once inside, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter luxury van rental offers tremendous comfort, as it has an abundance of spaciousness, brilliantly supportive seatings, and the means to have all the fun you want via a variety of entertainment and infotainment.

12 passenger Mercedes Benz Limo VIP rental rear view mph club
12 passenger Mercedes Benz Limo VIP rental interior 3 view mph club
12 passenger Mercedes Benz Limo VIP rental interior 2 view mph club
12 passenger Mercedes Benz Limo VIP rental interior 1 view mph club

100 mph

18 city / 22 hwy

8-speed Automatic

12 seater

Did you know?

Party Buses are a very popular way to have a good time before going out to a club, festival etc. with out having to worry to drive. Let the driving for one of our professional chauffeurs and focus just in have a great time.

12 passenger sprinter limo vip rental


The Mercedes Benz Sprinter luxury van rental is all about interior space. It provides the passengers with all the necessary technology to keep them entertained while our professional chauffeur drives them around the city. The Sprinter limo rental is perfect for a large group that wants to have fun before reaching their destination. 

The mph club’s Mercedes Benz Sprinter for rent offers congenial seating for 12! Yes, you read that right; Twelve passengers!

Additionally, one certainly can’t complain about the astoundingly high 56.4 inches of headroom and about 39 inches of legroom the interior of this luxury Mercedes Passenger Van for rent has to offer.

Keeping the automobile geek-speak aside, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Luxury Van rental will easily fit 12 adult passengers and there will still be some room left to spare.

This luxury passenger van rental comes with 4 restful four-seater benches , which grants adequate and hospitable space for its passengers.


As one of the most luxurious and refined passenger vans on the US market, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter rental Miami offers a range of infotainment and entertainment features to keep you hooked throughout the ride and utterly immerse you in its pleasurable experience.

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter Passenger Party Bus for rent offers just the best in its most prominent form. What you get is a big flat screen Tv for you to stream your favorite videos or movies,  a fog machine, spellbinding laser lights, and Bluetooth streaming.

It also has a gripping sound system channeled through a standard mechanism with very powerful speakers which is too irresistible not to play with.

If you are looking for more, this luxury passenger van for rent also offers a 12V power outlet in the rear compartment, versatile air conditioning, a warm/cool air duct to the rear compartment, heat insulation for the front compartment, as well as a weight-optimized wood floor, and ambient lights that you can control.

In the driver area, there is a phone charging pad, a color display instrument cluster, navigation, satellite radio, and a seven-inch infotainment display.


Despite the strong competition of multinational chauffeur agencies in Miami, the mph club’s chauffeur services have been thriving for years.

Our stats that outline numerous new and returning clients preferring mph club’s chauffeur services probably speak superior volumes about the quality of our work, but we will let you know about it anyway because as a team, we are proud of what we do. 

The mph club’s chauffeurs offer discreet and secure services for any leisure or business trip. Our expertly trained and qualified drivers offer the clients first-class professionalism. You can anticipate our chauffeurs to be knowledgeable in both driving skills and mannerisms, alongside displaying good on-road judgment.

Furthermore, our chauffeurs will also be your personal assistants for the ride, who will carry your belongings to and from the car.

To get the most out of your Mercedes Benz Sprinter Luxury Van rental experience, we recommend that you use our chauffers services, and just sit back and revel in a posh and luxurious transit. 

If you are wondering who our past clients have been, the mph club is glad to let you know that we have more than satisfactorily catered to several high net-worth individuals, executives in large corporations, VIPs — including Florida’s finest and richest, private jet and yacht owners. 

Our chauffers’ command over their driving sense and resourcefulness set standards for others to pursue.

The mph club is happy to fulfill all the trip-related requests of our leisure and business clients. Our exceptionally reliable, capable, and elite chauffeur staff is able to keep up with even the most demanding of schedules.


When it comes to the interior, ride experience, and overall score on the comfort scales, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter for rent just can’t be beaten; it is elegant, polished, and yet more venturesome than most vehicles. Additionally, there is lots of space and fun stuff inside — what more could you need?

And when it comes to drivers, the mph club’s chauffeurs beat the competition in terms of professionalism and dexterity over and over again. 

There can be no better combination than a Mercedes Benz Sprinter and one of our chauffeurs for hire. So, what are you waiting for? Book the most luxurious ride today, at, and make an unforgettably lasting impression on your family and clients!


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