22 years ago, the Mercedes Sprinter gave the go-ahead for a fundamental redesign of light commercial vehicles. The formerly sedate and super-simple-built models gradually became aerodynamic, fast, and increasingly comfortable devices.

The Mercedes Sprinter Series remains astonishingly solid to its appearance. It has everything you ever expected as a passenger car to rent from mph club. We offer you the option of renting the van by the hour with a chauffeur, or by the day so you can drive it yourself. While the bold design is daring in the competition, the Mercedes Sprinter rental remains Swabian-conservative.


When you think about the interior of a commercial vehicle, you imagine a cockpit that is as functional and spectacular as possible. This condition applies to the new Sprinter’s where the latest technology is applied and the best materials are in use. 

The steering wheel is ergonomically shaped. The seats are remarkably comfortable for a van. The driver’s seat can be adjusted seven times. The co-driver seat, on the other hand, has to follow a simple adjustment forwards and backward.  

In the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Rental, the passengers might forget that they are sitting in a vehicle that could drive bricks or tools. The maximum load volume is 17 cubic meters. This vehicle is perfect for a big family or a large group of friends looking to go on a road trip or making a long drive.

The driver controls the large van with a multifunction steering wheel, similar to that of the E- and S-Class.


In automatic vehicles, the gear selector lever now also moves behind the wheel in the Sprinter. Behind it are two classic, analog round instruments, separated by a high-resolution screen. 

The center of the dashboard is home to a 7- or 10.25-inch touchscreen framed in a piano lacquer look. Both screens bring the MBUX infotainment system, familiar from the new A-Class, into the Sprinter. 

In addition to classic functions such as navigation or the hands-free system, intelligent voice control comes into the Sprinter.

You can also use an app to check the water level or the charge of the second battery on the mobile phone. The comfort seats in the high Sprinter equipment are even more comfortable than the basic seats. They can be adjusted electrically and have a memory function for up to three drivers.

Mercedes also offers USB-C sockets in the Sprinter, and there is also a voltage converter for the driver’s cab. This 12-volt onboard voltage can be transformed to 220 volts, and thus devices can be operated using a classic socket plug.


On the first trip, the new Sprinter proves to be comfortable and easy to drive.

The Sprinter Rental, which is at least 5267 mm long, can be driven down-to-earth – almost like a car. 

Thanks to the various cameras that show the car from a bird’s eye view, Reverse parking is also possible. The suspension is designed to be more comfortable and swallows a lot of bumps. 

The long-wheelbase of up to 3,924 mm ensures precise straight-line stability of the front-wheel-drive – on the motorway, for example, only a few steering corrections are necessary. The Sprinter is also well balanced in other respects: even when cornering a little faster, there is hardly anybody roll. 

The Sprinter rental Miami also comes with their lane-keeping, attention, braking, and distance assistants from the car segment in the new van. The crosswind assistant is standard.


For those looking for a more luxurious ride that can fit a big group of passengers, mph club also has The Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo Rental Miami.

The Sprinter Limo combines limousine luxury with generous seating capabilities and a discreet exterior profile. This vehicle is perfect to blend in quietly to a variety of event environments, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Limo rental has a comfortable interior created by Royale’s woodworkers, upholsterers, electronics engineers, and audio/video experts. Limousine quality entertainment and beverage consoles can be topped with a choice of genuine wood finishes, while passengers can enjoy top-shelf audio and video systems, unique accent lighting, plush leather seating, and more.

There is something special about riding around town in a Mercedes Sprinter Party Bus Rental with your family and friends. This van will provide you luxury, glamour, and fun. It also allows passengers to enjoy a completely stress-free ride along the way.


  •   9 passenger capacity
  •   Premium Sound System w/ Sub-Woofers
  •   Auxiliary Media Inputs
  •   Sleek single-window design
  •   Multiple LCD screens
  •   Touch controls
  •   Custom Leather Seating
  •   Wood Floor
  •   LED lighting
  •   Large Beverage Coolers
  •   Large Sliding Door