$495/per hour

Price based per hour,
(Minimum 3 Hours),
driver Included.


100 miles per day included,
$2 per additionalmile,
Security deposit required.
Driver not included.


( 0-60 )


( 3.0L, V6 )

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People visiting Florida for vacations, holidays, or conferences from either inside or outside of the United States deserve to enjoy their anticipated visit “The Floridian Way.” mph club exotic car rental was established to fulfill the vehicle needs of their customers. Our bond with our customers is always special, and that’s why it encourages us to introduce new exotic supercars and luxury SUVs and vans into our nation’s largest fleet. Mercedes Benz rental, Lamborghini rental, Bugatti rental, Ferrari rental, Bentley rental, McLaren rental, Rolls Royce rental, think of a name, and you’ll find it in our fleet. 

In the automotive world, Mercedes Benz rental is one of the brands that need no introduction. Supercars that make your trips even more fun and memorable. But most of them only have room for either two or four people. So what if you have a family of more than four people? mph club Sprinters Van Rental has the solution. 

Mercedes Benz rental has turned imaginations into reality. With the all-new Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van Rental Miami, you can fit up to 15 people and can enjoy your vacation with your family or your business trip with your colleagues to the fullest. Mercedes Benz Sprinter rental is ideal for those who have larger groups of people. 

This 15-passenger Sprinter van rental has an amazingly comfortable and well-shaped interior, with a high-quality feel that reflects the commitment of the brand. The seats are comfortable and long-lasting. Passengers can be seated for longer periods of time without being uncomfortable, which clearly is the reason why this van is considered ideal for road trips.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 15 passenger rental side view mph club
Mercedes Benz Sprinter 15 passenger rental rear view mph club
Mercedes Benz Sprinter 15 passenger rental interior view mph club
Mercedes Benz Sprinter 15 passenger rental seats view mph club

100 mph

18 city / 22 hwy

8-speed Automatic

15 seater

8-speed Automatic

100 mph
11s (0-60)

18 city / 22 hwy

15 seater

Did you know?

Mercedes Benz is always thinking about the safety and comfort of its customers, that’s why they are constantly upgrading and adding technology like Active Brake Assist, rear-view camera display, multimedia touch-screen control, and more. With all these features you’ll be taking to the road with ease.

15 passenger Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van rental mph club


It is the only vehicle in the full-size van sector, offering a four-wheel drive that is iconic and is suitable for travel enthusiasts. The Vehicle safety systems have been expanded by Mercedes, and the van’s list of effective driver assists has been improved.

The Sprinter rental comes with rear cross-traffic alert, rear-view parking assistance, drive-away assistance, active lane-keeping assistance, cruise control, active braking assistance, downhill speed control, modern windshield-wiper cleaning feature, blind-spot assistance, trailer-stability aid, and a revamped cross-wind-assisting system. ABS and traction control, including a tire pressure monitor, are also present in the van.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Rental has a 3.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine with an automatic 8-speed engine and transmission. This beast delivers around 188 horsepower. This combines with the four-wheel-drive capability and contributes to a whole new level of performance. Whenever a powerful engine is discussed, Greater performance means a noise-producing engine, and a poor fuel economy is what everyone thinks. In reality, this vehicle is quiet and has excellent fuel economy. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter Passenger van rental gives around 18 miles per gallon, and you won’t spend time worrying about finding a gas station during a trip, as this all-purpose beast is equipped with a 22 gallon tank to overcome its thirst.


The interior gives a premium feel, as there’s always an expectation from Mercedes Benz. All the interior is smooth to the touch, while springy switches give a lovely touch. Even the small details, such as the air vents, resulting in a strangely satisfying feel.

You will find the interior furnished with a four-seater bench in the third row, with ample room for shorter individuals, and a three-seater bench in the front and in the second row. Moving in and out of the rear of the Sprinter is taken care of by a wide sliding door on the passenger side. An electric sliding door on the right side of the car also comes with a soft-closing capability, which gives it a luxurious feel.


In-cabin infotainment systems are a high priority in this category, which is why Mercedes keeps the state of the art interior tech as part of the vehicle. The standard AM/FM radio setup is operated by an LCD, Bluetooth, and a single USB-C port. There is also a 10.25-inch navigation screen and a wireless phone charge pad in this package.

Mercedes has significantly extended the Sprinter’s safety and active-tech driver assists. The safety assists equipped in this vehicle include active brake assist, blind-spot assistance, and is not limited to active lane-keeping assist. Rearview cameras and stability control are the cherries on this perfect piece of cake.


At a time when you need a large family vehicle that blends efficiency, luxury, and an executive feel, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the perfect option for your needs. Its excellent style, supercar driving, eco-friendly output and durability, and enormous limits make it an exceptional match for road trips.

mph club has gained recognition for its bond with customers, professional approach, and ability to provide luxury and exotic car rentals that are not limited to supercar and SUV rentals. As the leading and customer-friendly car rental company for people searching for an exciting vehicle rental in Miami, Orlando, or anywhere in the US, mph club delivers a perfect extravagant experience, unlike other car rental companies across the country.

It’s time to schedule your most amazing ride experience by renting your Mercedes Benz Sprinter Passenger Van!  Rent a Mercedes Benz Sprinter rental today!

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