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Starting At:


$3,495 4hrs
$5,495 6hrs

Weekend and
Holiday Price:

$4,495 4hrs
$6,495 6hrs

Security deposit required.

A La Carte catering service sold separately.

Captain and First Mate included.


(2x Volvo)


The beauty and class of Italian craftsmanship are expressed in the Pardo 43 Yacht Miami Rental. In terms of style, convenience, and efficiency, a yacht is unsurpassed. It has an expansive upper and lower deck, enabling you and your visitors to stroll around the yacht as easily as possible.

Ever missed the chance to take the perfect picture because your cruise ship sailed ahead? Wouldn’t it be so much better if the boat stopped sailing if you asked so to the captain? Unlike a cruise, where you’ll have to go where the ship takes you, mph club’s yacht charter gives you the freedom to take the Pardo 43 luxury boat anywhere you like and anytime you like!

Your yacht’s journey will be as per your schedule and desires, and you’d not have to mandatorily follow a pre-planned itinerary. The command of the entire boat will be in your hands and nothing else will make you feel more like a VIP!

So, go ahead and charter your luxury yacht with us to explore the ocean breeze, the warm water, and the islands that surround the Miami coastline on our crewed chartered yacht. Make your getaway or vacation truly yours by keeping control of the trip!

Pardo 43 charter Miami birds eye view mph club
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Pardo 43 charter Miami stateroom view mph club
yacht speed custom icon mph club

33 Knots

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bathroom custom icon mph club

1 Bathroom

staterooms custom icon mph club

2 Staterooms

guests custom icon mph club

12 Guests + Crew


The area outside the stern is characterized by a dining area with a table and chairs, protected from the sun by an electric Bimini top that can be left open even during navigation, in total safety.

Pardo 43 yacht charters mph club


The upper deck of Pardo 43 charter Miami may be used for a variety of purposes and can be customized. Extend the aquatic platform to bring the best out of your water experience, suitable for swimming.

Exceptional maneuverability and handling, as well as luxury convenience! The Volvo Penta IPS engines provide the yacht with a solid, steady, and efficient drive.


Onboard, the Pardo 43 charter timeless charm and distinct personality is the product of both the boat builders’ professional hands and a one-of-a-kind architecture that emphasizes craftsmanship even in the most contemporary shapes. The interiors of the Pardo Yacht Charter Miami represent the excellence associated with ”Made in Italy,” distinguished by a careful selection of wood veneers and meticulous artistry, thanks to their linear and polished furnishings.

The interior area of the Pardo Yacht Rental is split into two large sections; the main cabin, situated at the bow, has a large room with one big bedroom for 2 people, various storage rooms, large closets, and lots of natural light. The second cabin has two twin beds, cabinets, and additional storage. Between the two cabins, there is a beautiful passage. The head is situated in the middle of the cabins and has a separate, large shower stall.


Charter the Pardo 43 rental Miami and have the perfect weekend in the ocean, let us cater your food so you don’t have to worry about anything but having fun and relaxing.

Inside and out, the Pardo 43 Rental Miami is characterized by innovative features, the latest technological solutions, efficiency, comfort, and luxury. Because of the technology designed hull shape and design, this yacht has excellent performance and pace. In all sea environments, it provides stability and smoothness and quick maneuverability, and faster planning.


The berths are a fine-scale, measuring 6ft 3in by 33in (1.90m x 0.84m) with a comfortable sitting height of 30in (0.76m) over the mattresses. There are 6ft 3in (1.90m) of headroom at the bottom of the companionway in the bow, which drops to about 6ft (1.83m) at the foot of a large double bed.

The interior has narrow opening ports along the sides and a pair of glazed overhead panels in the lobby room, except a head compartment on the starboard side with a dedicated shower stall. Although it isn’t particularly huge, it is comparatively light, which is the next best thing. There are also linings, stitched leather stitching, and a pale oak veneer, all along the interior vessel.


In the exterior the yacht has an expanded tender platform, making space for an aft sunbed with storage underneath. The cockpit seats have movable backs, which are neat, beautiful, and functional.

The superyacht-style anchor system, hidden behind the stem up in the bows, is a lot easier and, therefore is presumably more accurate than you would think.

The intimate, timeless charm of each item and the individuality of each product are the product of the craftsman’s talent and a style that enhances hand-crafted artistry even in the most modern ways.


The Pardo 43 charter interiors are a work of art due to the thoughtful selection of wood and meticulous attention to detail. Quality, features, and architecture are all produced in Italy.

The Pardo 43 is a yacht tender that is one of the most exquisite in its type. The gleaming, sleek surface captures the eye and glistens as she glides over the waves.

To summarize, as a company that prides itself on “building the future,” Pardo 43 Yacht Charter combines high-quality materials, exquisite finishes, meticulous attention to detail, and years of experience to create a one-of-a-kind customization experience for customers that is entertaining, exciting, and unforgettable.

Contact us and charter your Pardo 43 today, all our yachts come with a captain and a first mate for your convenience, we also offer A La Carte food catering service for an additional price, just let us know what your favorite food is and we will take care of it.


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