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(1.6L, V6)


The RB19 Rental is a Formula One car that was created and manufactured by Red Bull Racing. In 2023, the car was driven by Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly to compete in their races. Max Verstappen won three races with the RB19: the Austrian Grand Prix, the German Grand Prix, and the Brazilian Grand Prix. 

This same model car is now available for rent in Miami. Perfect for F1 enthusiasts, this car will have a large presence in any room. Powered by a V6 turbo hybrid engine, it is 1.6L and produces about 950 horsepower. This powerful racing car can reach a top speed of about 205 mph (330 km/h) and can accelerate from 0 to 60 in just about less than 2 seconds. 

Unlike many of the cars you see mph club rent out, this car has an entirely distinct look in order to fit the racetrack and compete with our teams at a top level. To create aerodynamics that compete with the best automotive engineers in the world, this F1 car has very unique lines, curves, and holes throughout the entire car. With all of this in mind, it weighs only 1638 pounds (743 kg).

Red Bull F1 RB19 rental side view - mph club
Red Bull F1 RB19 rental rear view - mph club
Red Bull F1 RB19 rental dashboard view - mph club
Red Bull F1 RB19 rental interior view - mph club

205 mph

3 mpg

8-speed semi-auto

1 seater


The Red Bull Racing RB19 is a Formula One racing car that was designed and developed by the Red Bull Formula One Team. The car was the successor to RB15, and Max Verstappen won 3 Grand Prix with this model F1 car.

Red Bull F1 RB19 rental - mph club


The RB19 was also notable for its use of advanced simulation and engineering. It features a Honda power unit and combines a traditional internal combustion engine with energy recovery systems to form a hybrid technology that maximizes power output and energy efficiency when racing. 

Overall, the Red Bull Racing RB19 F1 Rental was a highly successful racing car that built on the strengths of its predecessor and pushed the boundaries of performance and technology in Formula One racing. Its dominance challenged Mercedes’ dominance in the sport as well as Ferrari, and played a crucial role in aiding its drivers to success.


Renting an F1 car as a prop is a unique and exciting choice that can add a lot of value and impact to a production. Here are some types of productions that might want to consider renting an F1 car as a prop:

  1. Films and TV shows: F1 cars are often used as props in films and TV shows that involve high-speed chases or races. They can add an element of danger and excitement to the scene, and they look great on camera.

  2. Commercials and advertising campaigns: F1 cars are often used in commercials and advertising campaigns to promote high-performance products, such as cars, tires, and energy drinks. They can also be used to promote events, such as racing competitions and car shows.

  3. Music videos: Music videos that feature fast-paced, high-energy performances can benefit from the addition of an F1 car as a prop. The car can be used as a backdrop or as part of the performance itself, adding a level of intensity and excitement to the video.

  4. Corporate events and trade shows: F1 cars can be used as props at corporate events and trade shows to promote a company’s products or services. They can be displayed in a booth or used as part of a demonstration, attracting attention and generating interest from attendees.

  5. Photo shoots: F1 cars can be used as props in photo shoots for magazines, fashion campaigns, and other editorial projects. They can add a unique and eye-catching element to the shoot, making the final images stand out from the crowd.


In summary, renting an F1 car as a prop can be a great choice for many productions, including films, TV shows, commercials, music videos, corporate events, trade shows, and photo shoots. Whatever the purpose of the production, an F1 car is sure to make a big impact and leave a lasting impression on viewers. Call (888) 674-4044 to inquire about booking this car from mph club.


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