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Starting At:

$295 / hour

4 hours minimum,

driver included.

$1,495 / day

1 Rental Day = 24 hours,

100 miles per day included,

$3 per additional mile,

Security deposit required.




(3.0L, V6)


Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo rental is basically a wagon coach that combines limousine luxury with bountiful seating capabilities and a thoughtful exterior profile.

Able to quietly orient itself to a variety of environments, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter’s three-pointed star on the van grille hints at the lavishly comfy interior designed by the Royale’s upholsterers, woodworkers, automotive engineers, and audio/video specialists.

Furthermore, the Limousine quality infotainment, entertainment, and beverage consoles are topped off with ostentatious finishes, which the passengers can use to enjoy first-rate audio and video systems. Also, the plush leather seating coupled with unparalleled accent lighting gives the occupants a snug ambiance.

The future is full of opportunities but finding a luxury passenger van for rent that you can count on is exasperating. The mph club’s Mercdes Benz Sprinter rental, thankfully, comes to your rescue in that regard.

In this modernized era, everyone sitting in a passenger van anticipates more than just the nitty-gritty preliminaries. Frankly, that is what makes the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo rental the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think of a luxurious passenger van. Why? Well, the interior of this extravagant automobile is nothing short of sensational!

On the inside, this luxury van rental is undoubtedly one of the most refined and gracious van out there, period. It provides an exquisite milieu that even the most nitpicky occupants wouldn’t speak out against.

8 passenger Mercedes Benz Limo VIP rental interior 3 view - mph club
8 passenger Mercedes Benz Limo VIP rental interior 2 view - mph club
8 passenger Mercedes Benz Limo VIP rental interior 1 view - mph club
8 passenger Mercedes Benz Limo VIP rental side view - mph club

100 mph

18 city / 22 hwy

8-speed Automatic

8 seater

Did you know?

Control all the media devices using the control console located on the side wall between the reclinable seats . In the control console you can change the lights colors, adjust the volume, A/C, TV etc.


The high step-in level of this limo enables you to step in and out effortlessly, especially from the back. However, once you step inside, you won’t feel like stepping out anytime soon. Because the Mercedes Benz Sprinter luxury van rental offers exceptional interior comfort and snugness, owing to its profusion of roominess, exceedingly supportive seatings, and the means to have all the fun you want through a range of entertainment and infotainment features!

This luxury Sprinter Limo for rent has everything that’s to do with utmost indulgence. With plenty of headroom and legroom for each passenger, the grand spaciousness of this automobile is enough to fit 8 occupants quite comfortably.

It has four reclinable seats, with soft and suitable foot rests that let you revel in a luxury ride filled to the brim with tranquil opulence. On top of that, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter rental features a two-seater bench, occupying which eases you into a soothing exuberance.

To go from one place to another, you just can’t find a better ride. The insides of this luxurious van fit the definition of paradisical comfort to the fullest.


Being the most radiant and refined luxury passenger van ever, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Rental has a variety of infotainment and entertainment features on offer to draw and grip your attention, while thoroughly engrossing you in its delightsome rides.

With the 8 Passenger Mercedes Benz Sprinter rental, you get two big flat screen TVs, mesmerizing ambient lights of different colors, cup holders at the side of each seat, a cooler with a mini bar, and a spectacular sound system that is too tempting to not play your favorite songs on.

All in all, the Sprinter is extremely versatile — you can enjoy a glass of wine, blast music, go full-on festive with the ambient lights, or just sophisticatedly cherish a comfortable ride with the best contexture possible.


Traveling to Florida? Need a professional to help reach your destinations? Or do you need a private chauffeur for you and your clients, friends or family to show them around? If so, your search for a high-grade and dynamic chauffeur ends here!

mph club’s chauffeured Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo rental serves you with top grade professional drivers that are extraordinarily skillful, experienced, and have an unmistakable sense of roads.

Get to see Florida’s most popular charms and attractions with our dexterous drivers and explore this larger than life tropical place in its entirety!

What’s more, the mph club’s chauffeurs will not only take you to your destination with keen focus, they will also help you as your personal assistants. Meaning you can leave it to their professionalism to carry your belongings to and from the Sprinter.

Hiring our drivers provides you a safe, trustworthy, and secure service for any leisure or business trip. Our prodigiously efficient, responsible, and capable chauffeur staff can keep up with even the most grueling schedule.


The Sprinter Limo for Rent is not just any garden variety cut-and-dried passenger vehicle — it is an exceptional cruiser; frankly, a full lounge suite on wheels. Its interior’s stupendous feel is what separates this automobile from the competition.

Propping this luxury van for rent even more, however, is its phenomenal performance which is vigorous off-the-line, sleek, and efficient. And as what should be expected of a luxury vehicle from Mercedes, the Sprinter’s comfort, penchant for reliability, and hypnotizing interior with inviting entertainment features earn it the reputation of the finest of the fine.

Lastly, to enjoy your rides in our Mercedes Benz Sprinter Rental to the fullest, give our professional chauffeurs a try! They are simply amazing at what they do, and their driving professionalism and adroitness will prove to be a treasure for your trip.

Book yourself this killer combination today, at, and enjoy an exceedingly luxurious ride in the mold of the most indulging experience of your life!


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