Miami is an amazing City. From South Beach to Little Havana, people in Miami love and admire style. And nothing speaks of style more than riding in a sparkling fresh and clean Mercedes Benz. Rather it be the S-550, G-63 AMG, or the CLS 63 AMG, here at mph Club exotic car rentals, we have exactly the luxury benz that you are seeking to enhance your Miami lifestyle experience. At the prestigious mph Club you are a valued customer and treated with celebrity status every time just as you should be and deserve. Being the leader in Miami Mercedes luxury car rentals, the personal service that you will receive here at the mph Club is second to none and our reputation speaks for itself.

We proudly offer the S-550, G-63 AMG, and the CLS 63 AMG for your luxury Mercedes car rental needs. There is no other town that is filled with the glamour, glitz, and excitement than Miami. And for you to exude that image of supreme confidence that the locals recognize and love, the S Class is the standard in which people will know that you mean serious business. While visiting or frolicking around Miami Beach with the top down enjoying the night air or the warm sun, those individuals enjoying the Miami lifestyle know that mph mercedes luxury rentals is the go to place for your luxury needs. And if you want to really make an impression, we here at mph also offer luxury car chauffeur service so you can leave the driving to us if you’d like and you can concentrate on other things such as shopping or clubbing into the early night on South Beach.

Our most spacious benz that we offer, the S-Class, is known as a standard for the modern person and has off-the-hook safety and luxury features, which is great for the fast and furious streets of Miami. The people at Mercedes uses its most known sedan to pioneer many of the modern technologies such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, and stability. Being that it is Mercedes Benz largest sedan, the S-Class has the most room for rear-seat passengers, which makes it a favorite for chauffeured rides around beautiful and glamorous Miami. The intelligent and sporty designed CLS 63 AMG and the SUV G 63 is what make the MPH club the go to place for Mercedes rental Miami.



Representing a new class of luxury in the SUV segment, the Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 SUV Rental Miami enlarges the portfolio of the Maybach label by combining the body composition and technical cornerstone of the GLS with the extravagance of a top-notch sedan.



Drive or be driven in a higher state of luxury with the all-new Mercedes S600 Maybach.



The AMG GT Convertible by Mercedes is for those who like to take off at a moment’s notice, traveling wherever the trail leads. It is specifically designed for individuals who never want to be tied down.



The most serius convertible car ever designed with the most outstanding performance is the Mercedes Benz GT Convertible. With its V8 engine, it is ready to give the most pleasant driving. Not only performance but also the most comfortable rides in it.



No more royal drive than a magnificent, comfortable, and sublime Mercedes Benz GTS. The V8 engine will give you a gentle experience driving every day. Its specs and features highly appreciate this luxury vehicle. Its white color adds more elegance to the car.



Set a delightful driving experience by renting the Mercedes Benz GTS, and hit the roads with its V8 engine and unique color. 



Whenever the Mercedes-AMG G 63 Rental makes an appearance, it is met with nothing but sheer bewilderment. The intensity, supremacy, and control that comes with it makes every ride feel like a victory.



With the complete automobile nearly entirely revolutionized, the Mercedes Benz G-Wagon Rental Miami preserves the characteristic engineering tour de force design of the G-Class with its ends and turns, delivering an uninhibited and potent driving experience.



Built as an iconic, sturdy, and practically indestructible vehicle, the Mercedes Benz G-WagonRental is outstanding on every surface and defies the difficulties of all off-road terrains with its superior performance that arrests the attention of the world at large.



The G 63 AMG Mercedes also known as the G-Wagon.



With all the foundations of an off-road maestro automobile: lionized, sturdy, and practically indestructible, the G-Wagon Rental Miami allows you to revel in a legendary venture every time you get behind its wheel, radiating in a design that speaks for itself.



Being a Mercedes-Benz, the Sprinter is more than just a van — it’s an automobile masterclass that goes above and beyond to outperform the road. This Sprinter Limo Rental, surpass expectations, and raise standards with this van that’s ready for anything!



This 15-passenger Sprinter van rental has an amazingly comfortable and well-shaped interior, with a high-quality feel that reflects the commitment of the brand. This van is perfect for long trips with family or friends.

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The History of Mercedes Benz

Following in Daimler’s successful footsteps, the results in racing were astounding. A wealthy Austrian business man by the name of Emil Jellinek became interested in the Unterturkheim-built cars. Daimler and his chief-engineer, Wilhelm Maybach’s work had pleased Jellinek to the extent of him approaching the two men with a business proposition: a large number of cars would be ordered in exchange to a name change from Daimler to Mercedes – Jellinek daughter’s name – and the right to alter the car’s designs as well as the right to resell the vehicles in some European countries, including Austria, France and Belgium.

Before the WWI outbreak, Gotllieb Daimler had gained a reputation for his vehicles that was greater than that of Benz. In 1908, the manufacturers shared a podium with winnings in the French Grand Prix. 28 years later, the benz team had created a plethora of innovations, many of them targeting the simple four-cylinder engine.


The Karl Benz Workshop


Meanwhile, Karl Benz was busy working on a four-cylinder horizontally-opposed piston engine as an improvement of his 1897 contra-design. 1900 saw the release of the improved contra-engine and completion of Benz’s work at the time. Some of the advantages the horizontal design had over its in-line counterpart were room and dynamics related. The opposed horizontal placement and firing order of the pistons meant very few vibrations, a lower center of gravity as well as more space for fitting other devices like turbos or superchargers.

Mercedes-Benz is also guilty of breaking countless speed records, among which ramming the 200 km/h barrier is probably the most notable. The idea of a vehicle that could reach such a speed as early as 1909 seems far fetched. Today, however, Benz’s Lightning stands proof. Such a performance could only be achieved by displacement growth at the time and despite its lean-sounding name, the Lightning was a beast powered by a 21.5 liter engine. During the 50’s, Benz produced some of the best looking cars such as the 190 and 300 SL. The first was a compact roadster that garnered acclaim after setting a new world diesel record in 1959. The latter is none other then the famous gull-winged model that is apparently making a comeback through the SLC model that is still to be revealed. Besides its stunning looks, the 300 SL was the first production vehicle to benefit from early fuel-injection technology.

Mercedes Maybach

By the time the 80’s arrived, the world had already grown concerned with the effects of CO2 emissions and overall car pollution. Mercedes–Benz was among the first to comply with regulations through the introduction of the closed-loop three-way catalytic converter in 1985. With this and several oil-filter changes, like easy from-above access, Mercedes–Benz vehicles went further to become even more advanced.

By the early 1990’s, their diesel car range had completely switched to four-valve intake/exhaust systems and carburetors were dropped in favor of fuel injection systems. A few years later, Mercedes – Benz moved into developing superchargers which it did through the release of the C 230 Kompressor.

After marking a new era in mechanical supercharging technology, Mercedes went on to cross new borders through the release of new engineering concepts and ground breaking designs. The BlueTec system unveiled in 2005 was developed with only one thought in mind: cutting CO2 emissions, achievement made possible through the use of SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction). Two other notable events occurred the same year with the release of the A 200 Turbo engine for the A-Klasse and the organic-looking Bionic concept.

Mercedes Rental Miami, Mercedes – Benz was the first to fit ABS and ESP systems on its cars and lately it has truly crossed the line with the DiesOtto engine which premiered at the 2004 Frankurt Moto Show. The DiesOtto boasts variable combustion chambers while delivering the advantages of both gasoline and diesel drives. Its CAI (Controlled Auto Ignition) allows the spark plugs to stop firing at higher temperatures when fuel, gasoline in this case, can be ignited the same way diesel can. The route researchers have taken to achieve variable combustion chambers remains unveiled yet although it is sure to be made public in a few years from now when the DiesOtto is likely to start replacing regular engines.