There is truly only one way to see and enjoy beautiful sub-tropical Miami and that is by getting your Rolls Royce Rental Miami. To do this, you will need to visit or contact the most distinguished luxury car rental specialist in all of South Florida, mph Club. You’ll be turning heads as you drive with anyone of our specially selected luxury chauffeur service drivers to that special wedding event of the year or to make that VIP airport pickup.

Anyone of our Rolls Royce Miami rentals will open the door to an experience of a lifetime. Not only can we provide the luxury car choice of your dreams, but a host of other quality auto-related services as well as chauffeur services, airport transportation service, full fleet of private jets of any size, helicopter transport services and yacht rentals.

Offering the most complete array of luxury car rentals, your choice is our command. We’d especially like to introduce you to our two most distinguished autos: the Rolls Royce Ghost and the Rolls Royce Wraith. The Rolls Royce Ghost Rental is one of our top recommendations for chauffeured driven services around metropolitan Miami, the Magic City, or the Miami Beach-South Beach areas. This is one ultra-rich luxury vehicle that borders on being in a sports car category by itself. Premium comfort, elegant style and bold designs are marks of distinction for the Ghost. Hand-stitched leather seats and natural, rich wood trimming complete the image of indisputable wealth. Engineering-wise, the Ghost was creatively designed to both make a bold statement and command the roadways. Now, if you are not totally won over by the Ghost, then the Rolls Royce Wraith Rental may satisfy your appetite for luxury-class driving…



If you’re looking for the ultimate expression of what a car can be, look no further. Glide along the road in sumptuous comfort and hand crafter luxury in the front or back seat of the powerful 6.7L V12 Rolls Royce Phantom. Chauffeur options are available too.



The most transcending Rolls-Royce ever — Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge Rental Miami is a dignified force with unrivaled finesse. As a conduit for dominant control, behind its wheel, the audacious detailings welcome you in and the city becomes your playground.



The name Cullinan was adopted from the world’s largest uncut diamond. Named appropriately, the Rolls Royce SUV embodies the elegance and stature of the worlds largest uncut diamond. The Cullinan is just as incredible of an experience to drive as it is to be driven in. 



The name Cullinan was adopted from the world’s largest uncut diamond. Named appropriately, the Rolls Royce SUV embodies the elegance and stature of the worlds largest uncut diamond. The Cullinan is just as incredible of an experience to drive as it is to be driven in. 



Rolls Royce Cullinan features an all-wheel drive as standard. It is craftily swift and deceptive in speed; deceptive, as its engine always stays so calm that it’s not easy to tell how fast you are going.



Driving a Goodwood Original certainly radiates an imposing vibe. It not only signifies that you have elegant taste when it comes to automobiles, but also that you don’t make compromises.



Our most desired luxury vehicle, the Roll Royce Ghost Rental has all the amenities you would expect. This is the perfect car to roll up to your next event or business meeting.



Rolls Royce Wraith is always the pricier side in the market. We offer the most comfortable and exclusive coupes for highway cruises. It is inspired by Exquisite craftsmanship and elegance that is true. Let’s start your journey with it at mph club.



Propelled by a colossal twin-turbocharged 6.6-liter V12 that yields 624 HP and 605 lb-ft of torque, the Wraith thunderingly prevails over and moves onward with an ostensibly limitless reserve of power.


Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge

For people who desire unadulterated extravagance in an amazing convertible rental, the Rolls Royce Dawn is an amazing rental option that you need to consider. 


Rolls Royce Dawn white

The Rolls Royce Dawn has an Opulent finish and a glamorous look. It is perfect for attending a  wedding or special occasion. Its technology and effortlessly powerful engine are ready to give you the most smooth rides.


Rolls Royce Dawn Grey

While everyone is still talking about the latest model of Rolls Royce Wraith, here at mph club we are looking forward to being the first ones to offer you the unique experience of driving the Rolls Royce Dawn.


Rolls Royce Dawn white

Open your senses to a new experience, rediscover the city and its surroundings in style and with the luxury that only our Rolls Royce Dawn can offer, with finishes that perfectly combine freedom and elegance to give you the perfect luxury experience.


Rolls Royce Dawn Blue

Enjoy boundless freedom on the road with the Rolls Royce Dawn Rental; a token of spontaneity, luxury, and enriched extravagance. This two-door, four-seater convertible is crafted to liberate the free spirit in you to the fullest.

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The History of Rolls Royce

When Henry Royce met Charles Rolls it was love at first site. Automotive love that is. Royce ran an electrical and mechanical business since 1884, while Rolls was one of the country’s first car dealers. What brought these two together was the two-cylinderRoyce 10 that was made by Royce in the year 1904.

Charles Rolls
Henry Royce

The Birth of Rolls Royce

Classic Rolls Royce | 1904

Rolls was impressed by Royce’s two-cylinder vehicle, so much so that he promised to purchase as many cars and he could make. Royce and Rolls reached an agreement that promised four models that would bear the Rolls-Royce Rental Miami name and moniker and will be sold exclusively by Rolls. The first Rolls-Royce rolled out of the assembly line and into the Paris Salon at the end of 1904.

In 1906, the entrepreneurs formed Rolls-Royce Limited and started to look for appropriate locations for a vehicle production facility. Their decision went to Derby, because the city counsel offered them cheap electricity.Designed by Royce, the factory began production in 1908.

Coupled with the two, three and four-cylinder cars, Royce started working on development of a brand new six-cylinder model with 50 hp. The exclusive model would go on to become one of the most desirable brands that forced the company to open a second factory in the United States to keep up with the desirable demand.The factory in Springfield, Massachusetts, however, was closed in 1931 as a result of the Great Depression.

Rolls Royce Phantom 1924
Rolls Royce Miami

After the close of World War II, Rolls-Royce avoided every attempt to merge the British car producers and successfully adjusted to the market’s insane demand. Rolls-Royce Rental Miami introduced a less expensive Twenty model in the early 1920s. 1931 was a pivotal year for the brand, as they were acquired by Bentley in 1931. Bentley’s huge factory in Cricklewood was closed and the production migrated to Rolls-Royce’s facilities in Derby. Until the Second World War, Bentley was kind of a sporty version of Rolls-Royce. After the end of the Second World War until 2002, the standard Bentley and Rolls-Royce models were virtually identical. Rolls-Royce has become a staple in luxury automotive society. Drive one today.