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What’s up everybody? My name is Robert Rushing and today we’re going to review the Ferrari 488 GTB, the specific version with the track package and all the options that it comes with.

We’re going to take it around town, show you what the interior is like and everything you need to know. We’re going to do a full review.

GTB stands for Gran Turismo Bayonetta. This Italian monster comes with a 3.9 liter v8 twin-turbo engine block and you can see straight into the engine from this big glass panel right into the engine bay like a spaceship.

Check these out in the sea of Ferraris that is Miami. This one really sticks out because of these aftermarket HRE forged rims. We’ve got twenty and twenty one inch back here and of course, the classic yellow Ferrari brake calipers. These are wrapped in Pirelli rubber so you can really take off and go. This is a really cool option on this car which makes it stand out.

All right we are inside the GTB now and all these materials are crazy premium from the stitching to the carbon fiber. We’ve got these Daytona racing bucket seats in here. 

As you can see there’s a latch right on the back. You can see all of the carbon-fiber detailing here. It’s nuts. This car is so pretty.

Unfortunately, like most Ferraris there’s not a ton of storage space. This is really all you got. Right behind this is like a little shelf where you can maybe put a thin briefcase or a laptop, maybe it’s about it but you know when you’re in a Ferrari, you’re not really too concerned about your storage space. You’re really more concerned about the driving experience and let me tell you this feels like an Italian spaceship. This is the cockpit.

Now, we’re going to move on to the center console again. Every time I touch this, these materials are so nice, super luxurious. You’ve got a little slot here for you to rest your Ferrari key, a little USB port where you can charge something and your cigarette lighter for more power.

Moving right on up the center console you’ve got your Ferrari logo here and your window controls. These are all of the basic driving controls again detailed out in carbon-fiber. You’ve got a cup holder right up front and a slot for your phone to hang out here. You’ve got very basic A/C controls. A/C controls here aren’t anything super special because the design, this car is very driver centric. It’s very much about the experience and comforts there but you know just– It’s just what you need.

This is where you control your media. You’ve got your power volume and how you shift through the menu. Over here is how you control the second panel from the driver’s seat. This is how you strip through the second menu. Everything you really need to control the car is on your steering wheel. The steering wheel is super nice. It has the same carbon-fiber detailing throughout this car like a lot of cars where you’ll have your control stick here for your windshield or your brights or your turn signals. 

You have your turn signals here comfortably where your thumbs rest and this actually isn’t how you honk the horn. The horns are buttons here on the steering wheel. So this is everything you need here. 

On the bottom right you switch between your driving modes or we like to drive on sport and of course the bright red striking engine start button is right here. Everything you need has been designed to make the driver feel one with the road.

Another really cool feature we see from the driver’s perspective but the rev meter is the same Ferrari yellow that matches the logo and the brake calipers up here. Your visor has the same red stitching all throughout that you find throughout the detailing of the entire car even on the same Daytona racing seats and lastly, we’ve got this really cool feature here. There’s a button. I’m not sure if you can see from this side but this button actually controls the lift. There’s a front lift gate on this car. 

All right so now we’re going to press the button and show you exactly what it’s like to clear those obstacles. Yeah, that makes a big difference. It totally feels like your whole perspective changes. You can see the horizon move in front of you so I press it again to drop back down. That kind of feels like the start of a rollercoaster.

Just having this raises the front of the car like two inches so you can really clear anything you need. You can focus on enjoying the car.

Now, we’re going to take this car on the road, see what it feels like to drive. Are all set ready to go? This is actually my first time driving a Ferrari so this is going to be pretty exciting. I can definitely feel the road which is really nice. There’s something kind of strange about driving the Rolls Royces because you feel so detached like floating in the cars but this way you really feel like you’re on a track. 

I’m just on a regular road. Oh wow, actually it is a pretty tight turn radius, thought was going to have to three point U-turn there but no, we cleared it. Okay, let’s take this to the park. You see that it’s kind of interesting how many eyes you catch. It’s not like a bad feeling, it’s just different like when you know that you’re the one person in the room everyone’s staring at. Some people love it, some people hate it. 

I’m kind of digging it right now. This is a pretty cool feeling. This– I feel definitely more connected to the road, not in an uncomfortable way where like you feel every single bump but like in a conscious way that you know everything like you’re aware of everything because you can feel it.

My God. Oh my God. Holy shit, it’s like a rollercoaster. Okay, I want to do that again. I feel like a little kid driving this. Oh, 660 horsepower. That was nuts. Okay I can die happy now. 

I want to try to see the differences between driving in sport mode versus race mode. I’m going to drop, the gear is kind of low and just kind of do it rolling takeoff. We’re in fourth now. I’m going to use the paddle shifter drop down to 3rd and we’re just going to gun it ready….. That is a little terrifying so that’s in race mode. Won’t do the same thing in sport and really kind of feel what the differences are.

Drop it down to 3rd again. All right, 3, 3, haha that is something else. It’s kind of crazy to think how much of your life you actually spend driving for a lot of people. It’s on their way to work, on their way back from work, on their break from work and if you just like to add all that up it’s like a pretty big chunk of our lives so every once in a while doing something like this really experience the peak of engineering in a lot of ways. It’s just super special.

 I’ve taken turns. I’ve felt in my car up shifts, down shifts a million times but there’s just something about that sound. There’s just something about it. It’s just really neat. That’s the tie in sports car party I guess. It’s not a lot of these like sports cars we’re going to feel cramped and you would feel like you’re kind of in a small cockpit cramped and like for a tall lanky person.

After driving this thing around a little bit I could totally see myself daily driving a car like this. It’s not super obnoxious on the road like it doesn’t, it’s not screaming at you like the engine is in your face when you’re driving like a normal person. You really blend in as well as a Ferrari could but people are staring at you because it’s a gorgeous car but it’s not catching their attention because the engine is so super loud.

This car really does throw you back in your seat when you step on it. Oh yeah, the twin turbos are definitely present, you could not miss it.

All right guys. Thank you so much for watching my review of the Ferrari 488 GTB. This car is scary fun to drive and you really should try it for yourself so next time you’re in South Florida and you want to rent an exotic car, make sure to go to mph club

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