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Imagine this: you with a lovely pair of sunglasses on, sitting behind the wheel of a convertible exotic car with its engine idling patiently, waiting for your order to launch itself towards the horizon. Sounds good, right? So why stop at just a thought?

Exotic cars are easily some of the most sublime machines on planet Earth. Finely engineered and equipped with all the premium accessories you can think of, luxury cars unquestionably push the boundaries of any driving experience. But here’s the catch: buying one can put a significant dent in your budget and may even feel mundane. As such, what if we told you that you can simply rent an exotic car, and by doing so:

  • You won’t have to go on a spending spree.
  • You will get to experience different exotic cars whenever you feel like it! (Check our memberships options)
  • And lastly but most importantly, you won’t have to scrounge around as the mph club is always prepared to hand you the keys to a mind-bending supercar!


The price to rent an exotic vehicle depends on a variety of factors like the make and model of the car, your age, your location, date/s on which you want to hire the car, the time of hiring the car, vehicle availability, length of rental, your history as a driver, and such

At mph club, 24-hour rental prices range from $395 up to $25,000! Here are the parameters that account for this staggering yet justifiable difference:

  • Make and model:

    The costlier the model, the higher the rental price per day. This is obvious, as the agency risks more when renting out a car accoutered with superior quality parts and a stellar interiorFor example, you can rent a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder at $1,295 per day in Miami from mph club, whereas the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster will cost you $2,495 per day! And, in case you prefer a lavish SUV, mph club offers the Lamborghini Urus at an affordable $1,495 per day!

  • Brand:

    The prestige of the exotic car brand plays a huge role in the rental price of a luxury- or supercar; two exotic vehicles with the same performance stats and specifications will have a different rental price if one’s brand is more esteemed than that of the other.
  • Type of car:

    Depending on the type of exotic car — coupe, convertible, sedan, crossover, or luxury, the rental price may differ.
  • Long Term Rental:

    Some rental companies, such as the mph club, offers long-term rentals at a discounted price if the vehicle is rented for more than 30 days. What’s more, this package also includes delivery to any state in the US.
  • Availability:

    The law of supply and demand comes into play here. The lower the availability, the higher the rental price.
  • The amount of miles included:

    The majority of rental businesses also list the number of available miles up to which you can drive the exotic vehicle each day. In case you exhaust the authorized miles, you will be charged an additional sum of money per mile for the distance driven in excess.
Here’s an mph club pro tip: Always look for rental agencies with transparent pricing. The daily rental charge and mileage costs are the only expenses for renting an exotic vehicle from most companies, including us. But some rental businesses may not so pleasantly surprise you at the end of your rental period with hidden fees. For that reason, always ask if the price quoted by them will be the final price, or if it can vary subject to some undiscussed factors.


Every vehicle offered by mph club and most exotic car rental companies has a daily rental price. Based on the model, rarity, type, and several other potential factors, the rental charges will differ for each vehicle.

Visit the mph club’s exotic car rental page to find out a car-specific rental price!

And, if you are still wondering whether or not is it worthwhile to rent an exotic car, take a leap of faith and go for it. There is no doubt that if you rent an exotic car for any period of time, you will cherish each moment spent in it! Plus, the looks you’re going to get when stepping out of a scissor door convertible will be worth every penny you pay.

Anything that comes out of Goodwood or Maranello commands a price well over $250,000. But you don’t have to put a second mortgage on your home to afford it, you can simply rent one! If you have always pictured yourself being in the driver’s seat of an exotic car, now is as good a time as any to make it happen. Visit or contact mph club today, and rent the car of your dreams!

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