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difference between Ferrari Models

How to differentiate between Ferrari Models

When you think of prancing horses, you can either think of jockeys and horses or bright red Italian cars. Whichever type of horses you choose to bet on, Ferraris will be your quickest bet without a doubt. They are dependable, quick, and famous for their power. 

They may be known worldwide for their success in the automotive industry, but that doesn’t mean they can be easily distinguished. Unless you are a car fanatic, Ferraris are some of the toughest car models to tell apart from each other. So many cars are painted that classic red while they all seem to have this similar long and smooth curvature throughout the vehicle. 

How can you tell which rare Ferrari is passing by you next time you’re on the highway? There are key differences between some of the most famous Ferraris out there on their front, side, and back views.

How to Know the Model Type of Ferrari From the front?

The cars that may be easily confused the most are the 458 Italia, 488 GTB, F12 Berlinetta, and 812 Superfast. If you can tell these models apart, other models will seem easy to differentiate between each other. 

Looking directly at the front of the car is where you can actually differentiate them the most. With the 458, you’ll notice that the hood is flat and then raises slightly in the middle and even more near the headlights. These unique headlights almost resemble the shape of the bottom of a hockey stick. The Ferrari logo also lies on the center of the hood. In the grill, there is also a mid-bumper that comes out from the left and right of the car.

The 488 differs in almost every way except for the headlights. It keeps this unique shape, but the hood curvature is almost completely different. On the outside of the headlights on the 488, there are massive indents that continue until the front bumper of the car. The front bumper then changes where a large mesh grill erases the mid-bumper that was once present. There is also a separation in the middle of the bumper where the Ferrari logo lies right above it. This time, it is not on the hood but on the bumper.

The 812 Superfast was the successor of the F12 Berlinetta as was the 488 GTB to the 458 Italia. The F12 is a very unique Ferrari. Starting with the hood, it is very flat and then raises towards the front at the headlights. Even though the headlights still have a long shape like on the 458 and 488, they are wider. In the middle of the hood, there is also a vent. The grill also has a large rectangle pattern as opposed to a smaller mesh pattern which makes the car unique and easily distinguisable.

The 812 Superfast has a similar flatness at the beginning of the hood and elevates towards the front where their headlights are. However, this time there is no vent in the middle but actually two next to the top of each headlight. The headlights also differ in shape as they look like a sideways golf club head. Below this, you’ll notice a large one-piece mesh grill piece that differs completely from the F12.

How to Know the Model Type of Ferrari From the side?

When you see one of these beauties driving next to you, there are only a few details that will allow you to name the model you are looking at right away. The 458 is completely flat on the sides while the 488 GTB has large air intakes on either side. They are right behind the door and stick out above the wheel. 

The F12 and 812 are not flat on the sides of the car either. Where they differ most is the shape of the door. With the F12, there is a large indent that starts straight and curves towards the front wheel, in the shape of a check almost. On the 812 however, this indent is sharper and deeper heading towards the bottom of the front wheel. There is also a sharp cut behind the back wheel that gives a sneak peak to the rear of the car where the F12 rear designs can really only be seen from a back view.

How to Know the Model Type of Lamborghini From the back

When a Ferrari zooms past you, you may not get the chance to look towards the front or side and recognize it… That’s why you’ll have to be able to identify it from the back. The biggest telltale between the 458 and the 488 is their exhausts. The 458 has three exhausts centered in the middle. The 488 has an F1-inspired rear backlight in the center. The exhausts are on the left and right above this light and under the license plate. They also do not stand together. The taillights also differ very slightly. On the 458, it has one circular taillight on the left and right of each side that pop out whereas the taillights on the 488 do not pop out of the rear of the car. 

As for the F12 and 812, they also have circular taillights. The F12 has one on either side, and two exhausts on each bottom end of the car as well. The 812 keeps this exhaust pattern, but has two taillights on each side as opposed to just one.

Test your self...

When you can look at a photo and determine what Ferrari you’re looking at, you are only a few steps away from being able to recognize them in person. The trick is how fast you’ll be able to as they zoom past you… 

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