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Modern Art Gallery

On The Crossroads of Art and Fancy Cars at mph club

The city of Miami Gardens is home to the hideout of car lovers and art enthusiasts alike – mph club. It’s not just about an impressive collection of luxury cars that distinguish this exotic car rental company from others but also a combination of modern art and automotive culture. The second you get into their showroom, you will come across various captivating works by famous artists worldwide, as well as those same sleek lines on Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

WhIsBe's "Vandal Gummy": A Lively Playfulness

WhIsBe’s “Vandal Gummy” is one of the most noticeable works of art in the gallery at mph club. These gummy sculptures vary in size, spanning from one foot tall to seven feet. These pieces add a bursty playfulness into our showroom with vibrant colors that make it look whimsical from every corner. They diversify the space with their minimalism and bright colors to add to.

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Our collection of WhIsBe’s iconic gummy bears. With each sculpture comes a signed seal of ownership.

@thisisaddictive’s “Periodic Table”: A Break Away From Traditional Scientific Chart

@thisisaddictive’s “Periodic Table” is no longer like the normal scientific chart we know. The artist put a twist on the elements included by changing them to tangible items or feelings associated with the lifestyle associated with riches and pop culture. It offers a unique perspective on everyday things in life such as iconic symbols, popular sayings, which may seem quite sarcastic sometimes or even tautological clichés. That something different starts up conversations about art itself and proves how artists can be elegant even in unconventional circumstances.

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Our piece created by ThisIsAddictive which is available for purchase as well as the helicopter engine table underneath it (sold separately).

Xformerz's "The Transformers": A Combination Of Industrial And Creativity

Xformerz has multipurposed car parts again in their sculpture series called “The Transformers” which signify both the human creative spirit and the motor industry. 

Some are colossal while others are intricate figurines all telling a story of ingenuity and resourcefulness. Xformerz is keen on enhancing sustainability as well as encouraging people to understand that there are many ways an artist can express a strong message through art that normally wouldn’t have been associated with a certarin idea.

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1 of 5 Xformerz’s pieces that we have at mph cub, and this is a recreation of Bumblebee from the movie Transformers: Robots in Disguise and more.

Bronze Racing Heritage: Paul Oz's Senna ‘Eau Rouge’

For F1 fans, you have to visit Paul Oz’s Senna ‘Eau Rouge’. This sculpture provides an ultimate proof of the artist’s talent and how he is able to articulate himself through it. The posture and features in the statue are full of life and this sends a message of motorsports adrenaline fillings. It is not just an ordinary piece of art but a memorial to a racing hero and a representation of Formula 1.

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Paul Oz, internationally known for creating F1 art, sculpted this beautiful piece of Aryton Senna with acute attention to detail throughout. This sculpture was placed in front of mph club’s F1 car which is also available for rent here.

Artistic Vision of mph club as Curators of Creativity

mph club is more than just highly rated when it comes to being a top haven for the lovers of exotic vehicles; instead, it acts as a creator of creativity by presenting different kinds of artistic abilities in its showroom. By integrating art with car experience without visible demarcations, visitors to mph club can get involved into what looks like two different worlds colliding. Therefore each and every artwork chosen not only goes well together with the luxury cars on display but also highlights the ability of art when crossing over barriers captivating people’s emotions and thoughts.

mph club, which is a combination of culture and luxury, chose to make its showroom more exciting than the normal one, it has been filled with all sorts of modern art. In this place, art goes beyond mere decoration amidst the shiny exteriors of fast cars; it becomes part of the space itself making it more interesting to look at as well as touchingly felt within us.

Art is an amazing industry which can offer a platform for socializing among different individuals. There are many diverse pieces of art that act as catalysts of dialogue in the mph club and they encourage those who go there to talk to each other and also engage with artworks. In the domain of art and innovation, there are boundaries that must be pushed and conventions to be challenged. Like the evolution of cars that is contiuously growing, adapting, and changing, our daily conversations and controversies change. Art is a form of expression for the old and modern world.

Beyond Boundaries: Redefining the Concept of Luxury at mph club

Luxury, as we know it, is usually associated with luxuriousness; however, this is not the case at mph club. At this place, luxury does not mean valuable things or signs of social status but instead it implies enrichment and broadening of our experience. By incorporating art into its showroom, mph club overturns traditional ideas about luxury and gives people a chance to explore an alternative world where creativity, innovation and imagination are paramount.

While you walk through the corridors of mph club with its beautiful exotic cars and attractive modern artwork, it will make you feel like you have been transported into a different world that has no boundaries as far as possibilities are concerned. It is somewhere where motoring and art combine to provide an unforgettable experience that is exciting beyond words. Come on in and experience mph club’s world which we like to call: the modern art gallery.

All art pieces mentioned in this article are available for purchase (sold separately), and you can call the number at (888) 674-4044 to inquire.

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