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Pre-Basel Extravaganza at mph club

In the heart of luxury and sophistication, mph club recently hosted an extraordinary event that seamlessly blended the worlds of fine art, high-end automobiles, and exquisite spirits. Aptly named “Pre Art Basel,” this soirée was a testament to the intersection of opulence and culture, showcasing the diverse offerings of mph club’s exclusive facility and what it offers for event hosting.

As a premier exotic car rental company, mph club is renowned for its fleet of breathtakingly beautiful and high-performance vehicles. Nestled in their showroom, these automotive masterpieces set the stage for an event that went beyond the ordinary. The juxtaposition of cutting-edge cars alongside a curated art collection was a stroke of brilliance, creating an ambiance that was as unique as it was captivating.

Pre Basel Extravaganza at mph club blog

Pictured left to right: Luis Toro, Michael Winters, George Wolberg, David Rosen, Liram Sustiel, Soco Freire, Giuseppe Ferlito, Stefano Alcantara & Frank Thibeau

The art on display was a carefully selected array of pieces from both emerging and established artists, transforming mph club’s showroom into a temporary gallery. The walls adorned with striking canvases and sculptures created an immersive experience that elevated the entire atmosphere, inviting guests to explore the intersection of automotive engineering and artistic expression.

What set this event apart from a typical art gallery opening was the unexpected marriage of luxury cars and fine art. David Rosen Galleries brought many of their artists to come and showcase their private collections that were also available for purchase. Along with David Rosen himself, many of the artists came in person to be a part of the event and mingle with those who loved their pieces. Guests were not only treated to visually stunning artwork but also had the opportunity to create relationships with the very people they admire.

Pre Basel Extravaganza at mph club blog 1

Basel attendees admiring art of Luis Toro.

Adding to the allure of the evening was the exclusive partnership with Quintaliza Tequila. The tequila tasting provided actually inspired the name of the event “Pre-Basel” as it is a “pregame” to the actual party which would be Art Basel in the weeks moving forward. Attendees were able to savor the rich and nuanced flavors of Quintaliza Tequila, expertly crafted and served with finesse befitting the surroundings. The complimentary drinks matched the theme of the event with different names such as the “MPH HIGHBALL” or “Fast & Luxurious.”

Pre Basel Extravaganza at mph club blog 4

Beaker & Gray Bartenders serving Quintaliza Tequila mixed cocktails to guests.

With over 200 guests in attendance, the Pre-Basel event at mph club became a rendezvous for art enthusiasts, car aficionados, and connoisseurs of luxury alike. The diverse crowd, comprised of individuals from various walks of life, contributed to the dynamic energy that filled the space. Conversations buzzed around the cars, the art, and the shared appreciation for the fusion of creativity and craftsmanship.

At mph club, hosting such events is more than a one-time affair; it’s part of their commitment to offering a multifaceted experience to their clientele. The venue, typically known for showcasing the pinnacle of automotive design, transformed into a cultural hub, demonstrating mph club’s versatility in providing a platform for diverse forms of expression. This event underscored the company’s dedication to going beyond expectations, not only in the realm of luxury automobiles but also in creating a space where art and culture converge.

Pre Basel Extravaganza at mph club blog 2

For those attending, the Pre-Basel at mph club wasn’t just an event; it was an immersion into a world where aesthetics met horsepower, where canvases coexisted with carbon fiber, and where the distinctive roar of exotic engines echoed alongside the murmur of admiration for artistic creations. It showcased mph club’s ability to curate experiences that transcend the ordinary, leaving a lasting impression on all who were fortunate enough to be part of this extraordinary evening.

Pre Basel Extravaganza at mph club blog 3

David Rosen mingling with fellow art lovers.

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