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What’s up guys! Welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another episode of reviews.

Today, we’re not going to be reviewing another supercar, not another sports car. But, today, we’re reviewing the 2021 Cadillac Escalade.

This luxury SUV is incredible. In today’s review, we’re gonna talk about the exterior design changes, all of the new technology that’s inside the car. We’re gonna to take it on the road, tell you what it’s like to drive, to be driven.

Without further a-do, let’s get into the review!

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Cadillac Escalade first came out in 1999 and since then, we’ve seen five different iterations of this car.

2021 is the year we’ve experienced the biggest facelift, and the most amount of new technology packed into the escalade. The first thing we’re going to do is take a look at the exterior of the car.

So, behind me, you can clearly see the difference between the Cadillac Platinum and the ESV. ESV stands for Extended Stretch Vehicle. And, when you look at this car, you’ll notice the back half is literally elongated.

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What this does is it gives all the passengers more legroom, gives the trunk more storage space, and on the road, commands a bolder roadside presence.

Other than that, the exterior of these two cars are very similar. Both of them share the classic iconic Cadillac badging. On the back, rear quarter panel. You’ll also notice two different factory styled rims. The Cadillac Platinum on the right of me has been blacked out, and the vehicle on the left of me comes standard like this from the factory.

So, moving on, there’s a lot of other features on the interior of these cars that are different and that’s what we should touch on next.

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So, on to the interior of the brand new 2021 Cadillac Escalade where you are presented with so many screens. It’s crazy!

Whole facelift has happened on the interior center console. This is a huge display and it’s really cool how Cadillac’s integrated this into the rest of the car design.

I believe this is a curved screen, and it is a touch screen. The next biggest thing is the center dash screen, which you have options of what you want display.

Right now, probably the most notable is the augmented reality display. So, you have cameras everywhere around the car, but this right now is displaying a camera angle that’s on the top of the Escalade. And, we also have access to change what that dash looks like.

We can go to a gauge cluster like a normal car would have, or you can even select map here. So, this is your GPS system.

What’s really cool about the GPS system is when you plug in navigations through the car’s NAV system and then you switch to AR. You actually get heads up display directions, which is pretty cool.

Next is the rear view mirror. This is actually its own screen, so when you are trying to use the physical mirror, you’ll notice the rear glass is very far away and it’s not as convenient as a normal car. But, when you flip this on you get a full HD camera. It’s a wide angle, and it makes you feel a lot more comfortable driving a car this size.

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You also have an updated AC control system here, which has its own little screen. When you use these knobs to adjust things like your fan speed and temperature, you’ll see this screen, actually, will light up and glow different colors for whatever you have selected, which is a really cool design feature.

When you open this revealing two large cup holders, a little extra cubby, and some USB slots. So, other than that, you have a little slot here on the center dash. This is for a wireless charger for your phone. When you put your cell phone in here, it’s really cool because it grips it tight. It’s not flying around everywhere, and it wirelessly charges.

All right! Here, the Cadillac Escalade audio system is incredible. There are, believe it or not, 38 different speakers hidden throughout this entire car. Some of which are built into the head rest of the seats itself. They’re subtly placed everywhere you look and the sound quality is incredible.

But, not only is the sound quality incredible, they’ve packed so much technology into this car. You now have options and features like this button right here in the steering wheel.

When you click this, you’ll notice on the dash something that says conversation enhancement. You can turn that on or off. And, what that does is…

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…if you have guests all the way in the back of the car and you want to speak to them without turning around and yelling trying to get your words across, when you turn this feature on, the sound system picks up your voice and displays it throughout that 38 speaker sound system. So, the people in the back can hear exactly what you’re saying clearly because there is a mic. And, it’s being amplified through the audio system.

So, it also works the other way around. If you’re trying to speak to somebody in the back seat, there are mics back there as well that audio will also be displayed up here for driver to hear conveniently and safely. So, you don’t have to be looking away from the road trying to communicate. This is a super cool feature. One of my all-time favorites aside from the AR heads-up display.

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Now, what we should do is show you what it’s like to drive a car like this. Let’s go!

So, the Cadillac Escalade is powered by 6.2 liter, V8 engine, producing 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque. It’s a naturally aspirated engine with an overhead valve configuration. So, what that translates to in English, you have get up and go power at your fingertips.

A car like this is everything you need when you have a really large party or if you are somebody that likes to travel with a lot of stuff. The storage capacity is insane! All these seats fold down and it’s a driver-friendly car like it’s very comfortable to drive just as much as it is…

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mph club does offer chauffeur services. And, the Cadillac Escalade is the chauffeur car. This is what big players all ride in, all get picked up in everywhere. From celebrities, to politicians, to athletes, this is the car.

Generally speaking, the ride experience in this car is great. It’s great because the Escalade has always been a comfortable vehicle but this iteration has so much technology.

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The sound system is incredible. Conversation enhancement is incredible, and you just have everything you could ever want, including this display screen right here in front of you.

You can access the navigation, your media. You can see dual panoramic sunroof. And, you have all these AC controls, cup holders–everything you could ever want, right here at your fingertips.

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Okay, guys! This completes our review of the 2021 Cadillac Escalade. This vehicle is incredible. It’s a blast to drive, to be driven in.  

And, you if you want to get behind the wheel for yourself, all you have to do is reach out to mph club.

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