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Whether for pleasure or business, a visit to the heart-stirring Miami Beach is a trip you are sure to enjoy! And, like almost every destination in the US, Miami Beach is best explored by car. That being the case, the most fitting way to experience the culture, see the sights, and get the most out of your visit to this city is to pick up a car rental in Miami Beach!

Located in the phenomenal Fontainebleau Hotel in Collins Avenue — the heart of Miami Beach, you will find one of the mph club’s offices. We’re one of the highest-rated car rental companies in North America! Want to make an imposing statement while going to a top-shelf restaurant nearby? No problem, rent a Rolls Royce Phantom in Miami Beach from us! Feel like cruising around with unmatched power? Our Ferrari rental in Miami Beach has got you covered!

In addition to our “you name it, we’ve got it” availability when it comes to exotic rentals in Miami Beach (Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce), our services come easy and at competitive prices. 

Teeming with luxury, get ready to explore the stunning seaside and the incredible nightlife of Miami Beach in our exotic car rentals!


No matter what brings you to The Magic City, your visit to Miami Beach is something you won’t be forgetting anytime soon!

Miami Beach has always been a global attraction, where people from all over the world travel to partake in the fun that the city of Miami has to offer. Whether it is the magnetic nightlife, indulgent lifestyle, or the hundreds of other Miami fortes, a trip down to Miami Beach will always keep you on your toes. Though, what an exhilarating trip needs is an even more exhilarating car! This is where the mph club comes in! We’ll happily be your go-to for all your exotic car rental needs in Miami Beach!

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Feel the soothing rays of the sun on your cheeks as you coast through the city with an exotic car rental in Miami Beach. Your journey may have you chancing upon the savory seafood that this beach is known for, or cherishing distinctive architecture throughout the Art Deco Historic District. Broadening your horizons, you can also explore more of Florida, for which the Porsche rental Miami Beach offered by the mph club is perfect!


From kayaking around Biscayne National Park to shopping on Lincoln Road, your travel plans may have an effect on your choice for an exotic car rental in Miami Beach, FL.

Another aspect that comes into play when considering a rental option is the number of people you are traveling with, and if you prefer luxury or horsepower.

Regardless of what category of exotic rentals in Miami Beach you’re eyeing up, the mph club has all that you want, need, and more! Here are some of our most popular exotic car rental options in Miami Beach:

Rolls Royce Rental Miami Beach:

Cherish the city in this automotive work of art! Being the ultimate luxury marque, Rolls Royce never fails to leave an everlasting impression. You can rent a Rolls Royce Phantom in Miami Beach at the mph club and enjoy the pinnacle of bespoke extravagance.

Porsche Rental Miami Beach:

It is well-known that a Porsche ignites sporting spirit in anyone that catches a glimpse of it. Riding in it, however, elevates the entire experience to a whole another level. Our Porsche rental Miami Beach lets you revel in a special, self-assured, and unrestrained adventure!

Lamborghini Rental Miami Beach:

Plugging extreme power under the hood, Lamborghini makes one of the most dynamic cars in the world. To rent a Lamborghini in Miami Beach is the go-to of horsepower aficionados, and the Raging Bull leaves no stone unturned in making every cruise an unforgettable experience.

Ferrari Rental Miami Beach:

The Magic City is the home to the wild at heart — the ones that aren’t afraid to indulge in the thrill of life. Choosing our Ferrari rental in Miami Beach gives you the power to unleash immense tenacity at will, and be frenzy-spirited in the lively city of Miami!

Enjoy the freedom of transportation throughout the area by booking any exotic car rental of your choice with us!


For those who adore luxurious, sporty, and exotic cars, for those who like vacationing in extravagance, and for those who don’t hush down their desires, mph club’s rental services are your ticket to the most exclusive collection of exotic cars available for rent! Our automotive fleet boasts the most treasured models from all of your favorite brands like Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and more.

You have your picks and preferences. We have a wide variety of options. Together, we can embark on adventures others always merely be in quest of. At the mph club, renting an exotic car is simple, straightforward, and a surreal experience. Give us a try and find out for yourself why we are one the most renowned rental agencies in the entire US!

More than just a rental agency, however, we redefine the entire idea of what a car rental enterprise is. The mph club symbolizes the excitement and amusement of the automotive industry coupled with a fondness and passion for our craft.

That’s the prime reason why the mph club’s exotic rentals in Miami Beach have caught the eye of many familiar faces. No kidding — we have worked with the most famous celebrities, social media influencers, artists, athletes, and even members of the royal families of Europe!

We come to the table with the understanding that the luxury and exotic car rental endeavor is based on two fundamental benchmarks: top-notch service and client satisfaction. Our adherence to these benchmarks is why our customers choose us recurrently.

If you’re ready for the mph club experience, drop by in our office at the Fontainebleau Hotel, and find the most stupendous and mind-bending exotic cars for rent in Miami beach!

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